The Truth About Cats And Dogs

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-80/10.This is an honor reserved especially for someone like Janeane Garofalo.She's living proof why not everyone who's been on SNL should be in the movies.I found the movie an absolute insult to the average person's intelligence.Plot summary, homely girl gets guy after using attractive girl for some time without him dumping her.If anything, it shows what junk studios put out in the spring knowing it'd die in the summer against better movies. Uma Thurman should've known better, this is one of her worst movies ever.I would also say Garofalo's a failure at everything from comedy to acting to radio.This only further proves it as well as why stand up comedians, by the 90's, shouldn't be appearing in movies.

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Continuity mistake: When Abby is consoling Noelle, after she finds out that Roy is a loser, notice the magazine she throws after saying 'You are no longer allowed to read this destructive literature' ends up on Abby's lap at the end of the scene. She threw it on the floor earlier. (00:46:55)

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Abby: What are we discussing?
Brian: Well there's the issue of Hank, who's in a terrible state without you.

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