Hobbs & Shaw

Continuity mistake: The final battle starts around dawn, and it's very dark when the bad guys arrive, but between shots it suddenly gets much brighter. (01:38:50)

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Continuity mistake: When the helicopter drops off the cliff it's fine and sunny. As soon as it lands there's thunder and lightning. 2 mins later it's sunny again when they get back up the cliff. (01:50:00)

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Suggested correction: When the helicopter starts to crash and go down you can see the storm approaching. The characters are then seen coming round and getting up following the crash. 2 or 3 minutes could have easily passed in that time as it's not shown how long it takes for them to come round. When Hobbs and Brixton are exchanging remarks, the rain then starts. When we see the trio up on the cliff after Brixton has been shut down, it's clear some time has passed. Since they are now at the top of a cliff. Not necessarily the one they fell down.

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Continuity mistake: When breaking out of Eteon, there is one shot where Hattie is lay on her back on the bonnet of the 4x4. Camera changes and now she's on her front. (01:17:10)

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Trivia: Shaw walks past a Mini Cooper at one point, making a reference to a job in Italy and how Shaw would have been useful as a heavy bus driver. A nod to his role in The Italian Job remake, although given it's an original mini and his bus comment, it's got more parallels to the original. While it's been theorised Deckard Shaw might have been "Handsome Rob" in the remake, just undercover, the timelines don't work, given when Rob was in prison Shaw was in the military. (00:46:00)

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Trivia: Roman Reigns, a wrestler who is also The Rock's cousin, has a part in the film as his brother. He takes out one bad guy with a wrestling move called, appropriately, the Samoan drop. (01:40:30)


Trivia: Jason Statham's line "things I've done I have to make amends for" has been specifically stated to reference him killing Han in Fast and Furious 6. A campaign was started online called "Justice for Han", prompting the acknowledgement of this needing to be dealt with in-universe. (01:37:50)

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Luke Hobbs: I'm what you call an ice-cold can of whoop-ass.

Brixton: Look at me. I'm Black Superman!

Deckard Shaw: This job requires stealth. Look at you.
Luke Hobbs: I'm trying to save the world, which, for the record, will be my fourth time. 'Cause I'm really good at it.

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Question: After they've defeated the villain Shaw says "you forced me to kill my own brother." Am I missing something? Last we saw in Fate of the Furious his brother was alive and well.

Answer: I believe he was referring to the villain being once like a brother to him.

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