Peter Rabbit

New this month Continuity mistake: The blue paint blob on the painting changes between shots.


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New this month Continuity mistake: When Mr McGregor collapses, his hand goes from open to closed, depending on the angle. His position in relation to the carrots keeps changing too.


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New this month Continuity mistake: When being hit with the fruit, the wet patches on Tom's top keep changing place.


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Benjamin Bunny: I'm still so out of shape.
Peter Rabbit: How's it working with the putting the dressing on the side?
Benjamin Bunny: Good. But, I don't understand why it's healthier to drink it all at once.


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Cotton-Tail: When was the last time you brushed your tail?


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New this month
Peter Rabbit: We all have a vital role to play. That is, look out, look out, look out, look out, hero.


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Question: How is it that Thomas can understand what the rabbits are saying as shown in the make-up scene and no other human can?

Cody Fairless-Lee

New this month Answer: It's not clear if he actually can hear them or not. It's implied in the film that it's possibly stress or a mental break that is causing him to hallucinate their voices, or is suddenly thinking on a brain wave length that can understand them. If it's the former, it's coincidence that he hears similar to what Peter is actually saying. Either case explains why he suddenly can hear them when nobody else can around them despite them talking in front of people.

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Question: Why would Bea have to move if Thomas went back to London?

Cody Fairless-Lee

Answer: The Rabbits assumed that she would leave to be with Thomas.

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