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Continuity mistake: In the episode where Fiona is being harassed by Craig's wife, she's talking to Debbie about having a "birthday party." Debbie says her birthday is in October. Fast forward to season 7 when Monica returns and gets Franny back. She says she hasn't been that happy since the summer Debbie was born, to which Debbie replies that her birthday is in December.

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A Great Cause - S2-E10

Continuity mistake: When Monica and Frank are driving in the car with Liam, the Crawford Power Plant can be seen just behind the car. At this point, they have crossed the Stevenson Expressway and they are heading south down Pulaski. However, in the scene where they stop the car and argue, as Monica drives away, the Crawford Power Plant can be seen on the left, right ahead of them.


Fernando Casillas

Swipe, Fuck, Leave - S7-E2

Continuity mistake: When Frank and Liam are sitting at the bar in the Alibi, Frank orders 2 cokes. When Lip changes his mind about drinking a beer, he gets up to talk to Liam. The camera shows 2 cokes sitting on the bar. When the camera changes angles the cokes are gone. The camera changes back to the same angle and Veronica is handing them the cokes.

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