Born to Kill

Continuity mistake: When the maid comes into the room Helen is clenching her right hand by her side. The camera cuts to face Helen and she is clutching her hands in front of her body. (01:23:05)


Continuity mistake: Helen is sitting beside the lamp table. When the scene begins the lamp is in the back-left corner of the lamp table and the box is to the right of the lamp. Later the lamp is centered at the rear of the lamp table and the box has moved in front of the lamp. (01:11:15 - 01:12:35)


Continuity mistake: When Marty opens the door to Sam's bedroom he has his hat in his left hand and is using his right hand to open the door. When he steps into the bedroom his hat is now in his right hand and he is opening the door with his left hand. (01:06:00)

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Marty: And remember, glamour girl, I'll do this on just one condition.
Mrs. Kraft: What's that?
Marty: That you don't make any passes at me when you get me out there. I'm a very shy kid.

Helen: If you go to the police, you'll see Laury sooner than you think.
Mrs. Kraft: Are you trying to scare me?
Helen: I'm just warning you. Perhaps you don't realise, it's painful being killed. A piece of metal sliding into your body, finding its way into your heart. Or a bullet tearing through your skin, crashing into a bone. It takes a while to die, too. Sometimes a long while.

Mrs. Kraft: You're the coldest iceberg of a woman I ever saw, and the rottenest inside. I've seen plenty, too. I wouldn't trade places with you if they sliced me into little pieces.

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