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I love this game. The Simpsons Game offers various fun and action-packed levels to play, all of which were creative and different from each other, the game gives the main characters special abilities, all of which match their personalities perfectly, and even includes nice callbacks to the show and these callbacks are incorporated into the game very cleverly; it knows which parts to include which callback, and that was something I really liked. One last thing is the game is very funny as well, with clever jokes written into the game, but the jokes shine most with its satirical humour, making fun of common video game tropes.

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Continuity mistake: Big Super Happy Fun Fun Game: The first part of the level consists of Homer and Lisa defeating the Dirt Sumos. But as soon as the cut scene starts, all of the sumos have vanished. Even the ones that weren't defeated.

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Homer Simpson: Hey, you're like that rabbit thing from that book about a girl named Alice who goes to Wonderland. What was it called? Oh, yeah. Snow White in Stupidtown.

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Trivia: Grand Theft Scratchy: The vest that Poochie wears is shown to have a large P on it, and a smaller star next to it. This is a reference to the Rockstar Games logo, which features a large R, and a smaller star next to it.

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