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Corrected entry: Bargain Bin: As Bart looks up the Simpsons Game cheat guide on the internet, Homer budges in, opens the DVD player and places a Duff can on top of it. No one ever touches the DVD player, but it starts to close anyway.

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Correction: Many DVD player types, especially newer ones, will automatically shut on its own after a bit of time to prevent dust getting in. Some even after just a very short time.

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Continuity mistake: Bartman Begins: When Bart first discovers The Simpsons Game manual, the manual lands in a 12 o'clock direction in front of Bart. Next shot, the manual has shifted to a 9 o'clock direction, then to an 11 o'clock direction.

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Homer Simpson: Hey, you're like that rabbit thing from that book about a girl named Alice who goes to Wonderland. What was it called? Oh, yeah. Snow White in Stupidtown.

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Trivia: The Land of Chocolate: When the Simpsons are watching TV, if you listen to the TV, you'll hear that an advert for the game Grand Theft Scratchy is playing. Grand Theft Scratchy ends up being a part of the plot later in the game.

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