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Deliberate mistake: Invasion of the Yokel Snatchers: When Kang is arguing with Kodos about not picking up his space rake, there is nothing on the floor around them. Kang walks forward a few feet and suddenly a rake suddenly appears on the floor.

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Deliberate mistake: Five Characters In Search Of An Author: Various times throughout this level, Matt Groening draws on some paper and some cartoons come to life. Whenever this happens, he only draws on one piece of paper, yet several pieces of are shown with cartoons on them.

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Deliberate mistake: Grand Theft Scratchy: If Lisa strikes her lightning hand on a member of the mob, that mob member won't get injured at all.

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Deliberate mistake: Enter The Cheatrix - Any time in this level that shows 1 person jump into a pipe, the next scene shows 2 players exiting the pipe at the same time.

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Homer Simpson: Hey, you're like that rabbit thing from that book about a girl named Alice who goes to Wonderland. What was it called? Oh, yeah. Snow White in Stupidtown.



Big Super Happy Fun Fun Game: The first part of the level consists of Homer and Lisa defeating the Dirt Sumos. But as soon as the cut scene starts, all of the sumos have vanished. Even the ones that weren't defeated.



The Land of Chocolate: When the Simpsons are watching TV, if you listen to the TV, you'll hear that an advert for the game Grand Theft Scratchy is playing. Grand Theft Scratchy ends up being a part of the plot later in the game.