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4 other mistakes - chronological order

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Other mistake: Some enemies wear cloth hats. If you shoot the hat it will fly off. Look at the hat on the ground. Where you shot it, it shows a metal bullet hole, on a cloth hat.

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Other mistake: For enemies wearing hats, except those with metal helmets, if you shoot the hat, even at an angle where it would still hit the head, the bullet won't pass through simple cloth and won't hurt the enemy. The hat just flies off. The exception is when using guns like the Cougar Magnum or PC 90 that pass through walls and doors.

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Other mistake: In the Jungle level you fight Xenia. Before she gets to you, she or you have to cross a rope bridge over a canyon. Xenia cannot see over the sides, despite it being just a rope bridge. You can stand to the side and just blast away at her as she crosses and she can't see you till she's on your side. If you move to the opening of the bridge, she can suddenly see you and will start shooting. But she can't see past the sides of the bridge.

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Other mistake: Some weapons, Bond is able to dual wield. Like some pistols or sub machine guns. But he can only have two of the same weapon if he kills an enemy that has two of the same weapon. You can't have a gun, kill an enemy with the same gun, and pick it up as well. You only collect the ammo. Like in the Bunker Levels when the alarm is sounded. Some enemies will have two DD44 pistols. You can kill this enemy and pick both DD44s and dual wield them like he did. But if you kill an enemy with just one, then kill another enemy with just one and pick up both guns, Bond only shoots with one.

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Bug: In the Aztec bonus mission, you can trick Jaws easily by leading him to the stairs room. He can't see past the sides of the stairs, as if there is a wall there. You can shoot him, and he moves, but he can't see or shoot at you unless he is on the same set of stairs as you.

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Alec Travelian: For England, James?
James Bond: For England, Alec.

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Trivia: The first level, Dam, was originally going to be bigger. Another part was in construction when the idea was abandoned. If you stand on the dock of the dam overlooking the water side and use the sniper riffle, it is possible to see another guard tower across the water in the distance. That is the unfinished part of the level.

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Question: After killing Xenia in the Jungle level, you get to dual wield an RCP 90 and a grenade launcher. Other than when using cheat codes, why is this the only time you can wield 2 different weapons at the same time?

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Chosen answer: In normal gameplay, yes, this is the only level where you can dual wield two different weapons.

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