Rush (2013)

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New this week Other mistake: The Rolls-Royce at Watkins Glen, and the Mini in England, have the same English license plate.

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Factual error: Lauda is an Austrian. Yet when his name appears on scoreboards with his country abbreviation, it shows AUS, which is for Australia. AUT is for Austria.

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Pier Pistocchi

Factual error: At Watkins Glen 1973 there is an accident during practice. That is correct, but Cevert's Tyrrell did not go under the guardrail. It landed on top of it after the crash. In 1974 Helmut Koinigg went under the guardrail and was killed, so this seems to be a hybrid of those two accidents.


Continuity mistake: When Lauda is going out from his pitstop he is blocked by Andretti's Lotus, but after the pitstop he overtakes Andretti on the track.

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Factual error: In the animation of the valves opening inside the engine, there is a screw thread visible where the spark plug should be.


David Atkinson

Factual error: When James Hunt is in the rain, he has raindrops on his visor. At that speed, no drops can stay on anything. And besides that, most water will go over his head. A few drops might hit his helmet.

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Paul Moortgat

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