Awakenings (1990)

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Corrected entry: When Dr. Sayer puts on a record of an operatic aria for one of the patients, it's a 12-inch LP, but the player is turning much faster than 33 1/3 rpm.

Correction: Some 78 RPM records were 12 inches in diameter.

Bob Blumenfeld

Corrected entry: In the time lapse where Robin Williams and the nurse are colouring a checkered design on the floor, the solid black line of tiles where the checkers originally ended disappears and stays gone for the rest of the movie.

Correction: Actually, you can see that in every other tile in the solid black line, Williams and the Nurse have colored a tile white to continue the checkerboard pattern, thereby eliminating the black line. Otherwise it wouldn't have been a solid checkerboard pattern.

Continuity mistake: After Dr. Sayer and Leonard get ice cream and go to Dr. Sayer's home, Leonard is sitting on the couch and on the table in front of him is a plate of saltine crackers. The amount of crackers and the way they are lying on the plate change.

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Dr. Sayer: Where are my glasses?
Eleanor: They're on your face.

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Trivia: During the scene where Robin Williams (the doctor) has to restrain Robert DeNiro (the patient), Robin accidentally broke DeNiro's nose. DeNiro insisted that they continue with the filming until the scene was completed because he knew, from prior experience, that he wouldn't be able to film for at least a week, until the swelling and bruising went down. And DeNiro actually was glad it happened because it corrected the bump from the prior broken nose.


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Question: Dr. Sayer turns down the date with the nurse and appears to live alone. Was he a recluse? Socially awkward?

Answer: Sayer suffered from extreme shyness. He later overcame it enough to ask Nurse Costello out for coffee.


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