Awakenings (1990)

Plot summary

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The movie begins in the 1930's, when Robert De Niro is a boy, who slowly starts disconnecting with the world, and goes into a sort of catatonic state. Flash ahead about 30 years later in the 1960's, Robin Williams is a psychiatrist who starts at a mental hospital, the same hospital that a catatonic De Niro is at. Robin Williams starts experimenting with a drug mixture, that eventually awakens the catatonic patients, including De Niro. De Niro eventually awakens and starts to experience life with Robin Williams. De Niro also starts to fall for a young woman, who seems to like him too, but then things start to go down hill for De Niro. He starts exhibiting unusual signs, like scratching his temple a lot and severe shaking. Eventually good things do not last very long.

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