Planet of the Apes
Planet of the Apes mistake picture

Continuity mistake: When Thade takes the weapon from Leo the weapon is a futuristic laser type gun. When Thade is firing the weapon after being locked in the command centre, the gun is a stainless steel Beretta brigadier model. (01:50:00)

Continuity mistake: When they cross the river and arrive at the other side, they are all dry. Mark Wahlberg was in the water up to his neck and sometimes higher yet he seems to be completely dry.

Continuity mistake: After the big battle between the humans and the apes and everyone has made nice, we see Ari crying over Krull's body partially covered in sand. Then she covers his face. The camera cuts back and you can see his face clearly. (01:45:35)

Continuity mistake: When the monkey accelerates his pod, it shows his hand pulling the silver levers backwards. Shortly after, when Mark Wahlberg accelerates after the monkey he pushes the levers forwards.

Continuity mistake: When the hero and his group comes out of the ship wreck and you get a shot from some distance back at the ship, look to the far right and you will see a road (sloping down towards the ship) with clear tire tracks on it. Whose car might that be?

Continuity mistake: When the humans are about to be branded the branding iron is in the fire heating up. It stays glowing red hot the whole time Leo is threatening Ari, at least 5 minutes.

Continuity mistake: When all the humans are about to be branded, one of the humans is removed from the cage and the funny old ape just pushes the cage door shut, not locking it. A few moments later the camera pans round and you see that the cage is now bolted.

Continuity mistake: When Leo and his group of rebel apes are starting to ride their horses across the river, the Bonham-Carter character falls off her horse and he swims across the river with her on his back. The other apes can't follow because they're afraid of water. So they arrive horseless. However, when they get across the river, suddenly everybody has horses.

Continuity mistake: When the humans are being loaded up, Leo is lying on the ground starting to sit up. Then it cuts to Thade and then back to Leo who is again just starting to sit up, surprised to see talking apes.

Continuity mistake: When Leo dives in the pond where his pod crashed, to get his bag, it is dark and dingy, yet when you see an underwater shot the water is a clear blue/green colour and you can see the sun (or some form of light) shining through the water, yet when he comes out there is no light and it is dingy again.

Continuity mistake: When Leo gets into the pod to try to catch the chimp's pod, he puts on his helmet. Look away, look back, and he's all snapped and buckled in, which would have taken several minutes at least.

Continuity mistake: When the monkey is taking off from the ship you see Mark Wahlberg's character with his hands behind his back...but then in the very next shot you see them at his side...not enough time for him to put them from his back to his side.

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