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Corrected entry: Limbo is frightened when he is threatened with a gun. But the movie later makes it clear that the apes knew nothing of such a weapon, aside from the one kept in secret in the red sculpture.

Correction: He may not know what he is being threatened with, but he knows he is being threatened with something and so he is afraid.

Phixius Premium member

Corrected entry: When Leo returns to the Earth of 2001 through the storm, he flies from orbit around Saturn to orbit around Earth in a matter of a few minutes. This would require him to be traveling significantly faster than the speed of light, which is impossible.

Correction: Time travel and talking apes are also "impossible." It's a science fiction film, and faster than light travel is one of its conventions.

JC Fernandez

Corrected entry: At the beginning of the movie Leo's uniform is clean and white when he enters the pod. Subsequently the pod enters the vortex, enters the Planet's atmosphere and then splashes down in a tropical pond. As Leo leaves the sunken pond, his white and pristine uniform has somehow developed 1000 tatters although the only stress it has been subjected to is the water on the planet. What a bleak future awaits us all if seams in the future are water soluble...

Correction: His uniform also got burned by his controls shorting out and the heat of entering the planet's atmosphere. Add in his frantic struggle and tearing off of his seat's safety restraints during his subsequent escape to the surface of the lake and that's indeed a lot of stress to put clothing through.

Corrected entry: In one scene, one of the apes is drinking a drink with ice in it. For a society that lives in a hot steamy jungle and has very little modern technology, where did they get an ice maker?

Correction: Probably the same way our forbearing relatives got ice. They either had snow and ice delivered from colder climate, storing it in iceboxes until needed (we see large, jagged mountains in the distance, a reasonable source of ice in a tropical climate). This was done as far back as Roman times. Alternatively, they were fairly developed and it's probable they had scientists.

Corrected entry: It's not only in this movie, but I thought, what better place to point it out. In all movies set in a far-off place or in the past, how come the women always have lipstick on?

Correction: People have been decorating their faces for thousands of years, using berries and plant dyes. It's not unreasonable to think that this could occur elsewhere as well.

Corrected entry: Attar is a member of a religion thousands of years old, but in about five seconds he buys in to the fact that Leo is telling the truth? How did someone so impressionable get to his position? Yikes.

Correction: This is not a movie mistake, this is just a character flaw in Attar. Plenty of gullible people make it into high office.

Corrected entry: Towards the end of the film, the hero is getting ready to get in the space pod and he gets distracted. He places his helmet on the seat and goes off to sort it out. Afterwards, he runs back to the pod, jumps in, and there's no helmet on the seat.

Correction: Remember the slave trader was selling aspirin to the ape children, he probably stole the helmet as a authentic artifact of the second coming of Semos.

Corrected entry: The apes on the starship killed all of its human crew members, so how did humans appear on the planet?

Correction: I don't think they did kill everyone, just most people - presumably some escaped into the surrounding area.

Corrected entry: After the group cross the river, they set up camp and make fires. They are in the middle of the desert and there are no trees as far as the horizon. Where did they get the firewood?

Correction: People on Earth who live in treeless areas have solutions to this, they burn other things, ie. bushes, grasses, dried animal dung. Add to that they just passed out of a thick jungle where there'd be plenty of wood lying around, and they might know of Calima's plants/lack thereof, and think to pack several fires worth.


Corrected entry: When Leo is carrying Ari across the river she scratches him on the neck. For the rest of the movie the scratch changes sides and sometimes disappears completely. (01:35:00)

Correction: I'm watching it now. He was scratched on both sides of his neck. Both are continuously visible when he turns his head.

Corrected entry: When the pod carrying the Mark Wahlberg character crashes into the lake, there is a human figure on the opposite side of the lake to the camera position, slowly walking right to left. The pod is travelling left to right. The figure is on the left-hand side of the screen, in the trees, but clearly visible. It can't be one of the humans that Wahlberg bumps into a few minutes later, as it's not running due to being pursued by apes, and its not moving away from the oncoming spacecraft (if monkeys scare these guys, then a crash-landing ball of fire would surely freak them out).

Correction: I just watched that very scene, it is not a person. It is part of a tree that had been destroyed by the crash and is swinging down, looks like it could be a person, but if you see that it actually falls and swings then you know it is not.

Corrected entry: Towards the end of the movie when we see the remains of the Space Station we are led to believe that it has crashed into the Planet with the thrusters sticking out of the ground at a particular angle. How is it that when they all enter the remains everything's perfectly upright?

Correction: It's not perfectly upright. The interior is also canted to one side.

JC Fernandez

Corrected entry: In the pod towards the end, one of the computer displays reads "Delta Pod." "Delta" was the pod that he was piloting in the beginning of the film which got destroyed. This craft, however, was the one initially piloted by his trained monkey, and was designated "Alpha Pod."

Correction: We see the display six times after he launches at the end: When he's approaching the storm, a closeup of the timer counting backwards, as he passes Saturn, twice when he's entering Earth's atmosphere, and the landing gear warning. In all six instances, it reads "Alpha Pod."

JC Fernandez

Corrected entry: At the end, after the pilot kisses the blonde girl, she runs off into the hills. When he runs back to the pod, and takes off, she's underneath him waving with the others.

Correction: They kiss, she turns and runs a few steps, then the camera cuts away and we don't see her again until the ship launches. She doesn't run to any hills. Caught up in the emotions, she obviously starts to run, then reconsiders and returns to stand with the group to see him off.

JC Fernandez

Corrected entry: Leo was on the Planet for a few days or so and I'm pretty sure he wasn't fully equipped with a razor so how did that face of his stay so clean and clear of razor stubble?

Correction: Not every male has to shave everyday. Myself, at 40 years old, only needs to shave 3 times a week. Some guys are simply less hairy than others.

Plot hole: The "video history" of the crashed USAF ship makes it very clear that the planet is uninhabited when they "landed". I can understand how a race of apes develops - they had a bunch of them on board. I can understand how a race of humans develops - they are descendants of the original crew. What I don't understand is...where the heck did all the horses come from?

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Suggested correction: Humans refer to parts of their own planet as uninhabited even though they are crawling with animals - vast areas of the Arctic are "uninhabited" even though polar bears and seals are found there. Were we to find a planet with nothing but primitive horses on it, we would label it as uninhabited. Apes and humans came from the crashed spaceship, horses were always there.

I agree with you Charles. Horses are native to Earth but, the Oberon lands on a planet light years from Earth so it's a big plot hole how horses from one planet could end up on another when the planet was not only uninhabited but, the Oberon was believed to be lost.

Again, the Oberon was a massive space station, genetically experimenting with many earthly lifeforms, including horses, apparently. The time/space-rift was very near Earth (Mark Wahlberg made the journey in about 25 seconds at the end of the film. Not years but seconds). The implication is that the Oberon passed through the rift, and much of the crew survived to continue their genetic research on what later became the Ape Planet. So, the Oberon initially arrived on a barren planet and introduced all of the biological and botanical species, including apes, horses, and everything else.

Charles Austin Miller

Suggested correction: According to the backstory, the space station Oberon was dedicated to genetic modification sciences. They were actually experimenting with animal genes in the safety of space (which kind of makes sense). Given that the Oberon was a truly gigantic space station, it's not too much of a speculation that they were experimenting on many different types of animals (not just apes). When the Oberon crashed on Ashlar, half its crew was killed, but half survived with a number of ship's systems still functional, and they continued their genetic research, possibly producing a number of Earthly species on the otherwise uninhabited planet.

Charles Austin Miller

That's just a wild guess. There hasn't been a single mention of horses on board the Oberon. Even if there were, why only horses?


Wild guess? The Oberon was experimenting in genetic modification, which implies a broad range of research...and not just on great apes. The Oberon was gigantic enough to be an Ark.

Charles Austin Miller

So where are all the other animals?


Exactly. Where are the birds, lions, lizards, etc?

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Colonel Attar: Take your stinkin' hands off me, you damn dirty human.

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Question: Why did Thade kill the two apes that were with him after they showed him the trail left by Leo's pod?

Answer: To prevent anyone else from learning that Leo came from space. After Pericles' ship crashed, there was a prophecy of a second coming of Semos, the founder of Ape civilization. Thade wants to kill all humans, so if anyone found out, it would be considered a sign and the council might consider making peace with the humans.

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