Pacific Rim

Plot hole: The Kaiju's EMP fries all electrical circuits next to him, and affects the base as well. If that's true, how did the helicopters carrying Gypsy survive the blast without having their electronics fried? EMP pulses induce current in all electronics regardless of whether they're powered on or not. (01:18:00)

Marcus CaptainSlow Belicchi

Plot hole: Gypsy Danger grabs the wounded Kaiju and falls into the inter-dimensional rift, which opens in response to the presence of Kaiju DNA. That's how Gypsy Danger entered the Kaiju dimension, but Mako and Raleigh somehow escape the Kaiju dimension in their life pods without using Kaiju DNA. Obviously, the rift allows physical objects and energy to pass unobstructed from the Kaiju dimension into our dimension, but not the other way 'round. If this is the case, then Gypsy Danger's thermonuclear detonation in the Kaiju dimension should have burst through the inter-dimensional rift, as well, at least for a second or so, at roughly the speed of light. Given that Raleigh and Mako had only a 16 to 20 second head start ahead of the blast, they should have been vaporized.

Charles Austin Miller

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