Pacific Rim

Factual error: The coastal wall in Sydney is shown as being inside the Sydney Harbour (right next to the Opera House). But Sydney Harbour is not on the Pacific coast but a part of the Parramatta river, several kilometres from the ocean (where the wall should have been). So the wall is either not shielding the northern part of Australia or (more likely) the producers decided that the audience cannot tell that it is Sydney unless we see the Opera House.

Factual error: Gipsy Danger's fist bumps into an office table as it screeches to a halt. The Newton's cradle on the table has an impossible reaction. All of the balls would simply sway in parallel, and not the 'classic' reaction displayed in the movie.

Factual error: During the Hong Kong battle, one of the Kaiju disables the Australian Jaeger and the base by emitting an EMP blast. Becket claimed that the Gipsy Danger was immune because it had a nuclear core and was therefore "analog". Being nuclear powered has no bearing on whether a machine is analog or not, and the EMP would certainly affect all the electronic circuitry needed to control the Gipsy.


Factual error: When the Kaiju "Trespasser" hits San Francisco at the start, F-22 Raptors attack it at the Golden Gate Bridge.The Raptors each fire two machineguns - but the F-22 carries only a single M61A2 cannon.

Factual error: When the fisherman in the beginning locates the supposed island on the radar he says it's three miles away. The Kaiju (island) then crosses the distance to the boat in about ten seconds. This would mean that the Kaiju swims at a whopping 1080mph (1738 kph) which equates to about Mach 1.4.


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