Pacific Rim

Corrected entry: At the start of the film, there is a short sequence showing an alien attack on San Francisco. One of the cars in a traffic scene is a first generation Ford Ka, which was not sold in North America.

Correction: Cars can be imported.

Corrected entry: Shatterdome was hit by the EMP blast and lost electricity with Gipsy Danger inside, meaning that the massive hangar doors can't open, but somehow they were able to deploy Gipsy despite the Shatterdome having no electricity to open the doors.

Roman Curiel

Correction: There could be an emergency mechanical door to allow them to exit in case of a power outage.

Corrected entry: When Newton, Hermann and Pentecost are in the science lab looking at Hannibal Chou's profile, his weight changes from 185 to 195 lbs between shots.


Correction: Nope. It says 192 the whole time.

Corrected entry: Near the end, the boss and the Japanese girl are standing, facing each other: When we get the shot of the boss, even though he is much taller than her, they are at the same height, and when we get the shot of the girl, the boss towers over her.


Correction: It's the camera angles that give this illusion.


Corrected entry: Dr. Newton Geiszler states that he only has five minutes to connect to the baby kaiju. At the time the jaegers are still at the base and far from ready. When he connects, the jaegers are already at the breach. They were launched, attached to helicopters and brought into the middle of the pacific ocean, all under five minutes?

Correction: No. First, when the Otachi Junior drift occurred it was about three in the morning. This can be assumed because the Breach was exposed at 11 P.M. The battle itself likely took 30-50 minutes, with a further hour for Chau to get his equipment to Otachi's corpse. From there they would have been working for about an hour to get to the upper pelvic area and then we have Baby Otachi attacking. From there we have the PPDC arriving with the Drift machine. Afterwards they take a few hours getting out of the XZ-barely any landing room for a helicopter. Once they arrive at the Shatterdome there were five to six hours in between. That's enough time to airlift both.

Corrected entry: When Pentecost is speaking to the Pan-Pacific council, Great Britain is shown as one of the representatives. Great Britain is in the Atlantic Ocean, and therefore not a Pan-Pacific nation. (00:17:50)

Correction: Great Britain may not have a Pacific coast, but they are a nation wealthy enough to have their own Jaeger program, and would therefore have a place on the council. It's just the name of the organization, not a requirement for membership.

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Corrected entry: Why did it take over a decade for someone to decide to attack the fissure the Kaiju used to travel between their world and Earth? Even if direct bomb attacks failed, wouldn't someone have at least thought of covering tons of rubble over the fissure to block the Kaiju from coming through? Or since it's the only place that the Kaiju appear from, why not set a perimeter of bombs around the fissure and detonate them every time a Kaiju came through? The ending already demonstrated that the Kaiju could be killed via explosion.


Correction: It did not take a decade. It was stated numerous times that similar attempts had been made and all had failed. It can therefore be logically assumed that similar strategies to those this submission suggests were also attempted but each also failed for whatever reason. We weren't show any of this because it's an action movie, not a historical study of the Kaiju wars.

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Corrected entry: The winged Kaiju in Hong Kong was capable of spitting out a corrosive liquid which destroyed the Russian Jaeger and melted the side of a building, and yet the Gipsy Danger's hand was unaffected after it ripped the corrosive sac from the Kaiju (preventing it from spitting any more liquid afterwards), despite the fact that corrosive liquid was spilled all over it.

Correction: The liquid spilling all over Gipsy Danger's hand was the Kaiju's blood, not the corrosive fluid.

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Corrected entry: Dr. Newton makes it very clear that nothing can get through the portal unless it has Kaiju DNA. Yet somehow both Mako and Raleigh manage to escape and return safely to Earth.


Correction: The Kaiju DNA thing is a security protocol, set up to prevent any Earth retaliation from coming through the breach into the alien realm. The same security isn't necessary travelling the other way through the breach, from the alien realm to Earth, and could even prove counterproductive should the Kaiju's creators wish to send something non-Kaiju through. As such, there's no need for the protocol to exist in that direction, allowing Raleigh and Mako to make their escape.

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