Star Trek Into Darkness

Trivia: As Kirk, Spock, and Uhura head to the shuttle bay for their mission to Kronos to capture Khan, Sulu orders crew to prepare the vessel that was confiscated in the Mudd incident. This is a reference to Harry Mudd, a roguish character who appeared in the original Star Trek series in the episodes titled,"I, Mudd" and "Mudd's Women." Harry Mudd, played by Roger C. Carmel, was the only non-regular character to appear in more than one episode on the original Star Trek series. Carmel was slated to reprise the role in Star Trek: TNG, but he died before the episode could be filmed. (00:44:25)

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Trivia: The library that is bombed is called the "Kelvin Memorial Archive," a reference to the destruction of the U.S.S. Kelvin seen in the first film. (00:18:05)

Trivia: During the conversation between Admiral Marcus and Kirk, right after Marcus shows up in his new ship, look at the display over Kirk's left shoulder. It's out of focus, but looks like 1701 and the name GENE. In other views of the display, it looks like the letters C and O. Not sure if it was deliberate, but interesting if it was an homage to Gene Rodenberry.


Trivia: When Kirk is talking to Admiral Marcus about why he was scanning his ship, he has what looks like the shape of the Star Fleet insignia on his right cheek from a wound.

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Trivia: The transporter officer who beams Spock down to Earth to capture Khan is played by Christopher Doohan, son of actor James Doohan who played Cmdr. Montgomery "Scotty" Scott in the original Star Trek series and movies. (01:54:00)

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Trivia: Admiral Marcus looks at several model ships when explaining Section 31 to Kirk and Spock. One of them is the Phoenix from "Star Trek: First Contact" and one of them is the Enterprise NX-01 from "Star Trek: Enterprise." (00:21:35 - 00:31:25)

Trivia: Admiral Marcus is looking at models of various air and spacecraft that were very important to history. These include (in approximate order) the Wright flier, an early propeller plane, a V2, what appears to be a Bell X-1A, sputnik, a Mercury space capsule, a space shuttle, the upcoming Space Launch System (SLS), an unknown spacecraft (which might be also referenced in Star Trek the Motion Picture), Zephram Cochram's ship the Phoenix (and presumably the version immediately after that), NX-01, the USS Kelvin, and the Vengeance.

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Factual error: At one point Khan threatens to target the Enterprise's life support systems which are located behind her "aft nacelle". The Enterprise doesn't have an aft nacelle; as the many exterior shots show, it has a port nacelle and a starboard nacelle. Khan a) is familiar enough with Starfleet ships to know this basic fact about the Enterprise, and b) can see its nacelles for himself on his own viewscreen while he's delivering this line. There is no "nacelle" housing the impulse engines. They are enclosed by the hull of the saucer section. (01:37:25)

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Bones: Jim, you just sat that man down at a high-stakes poker game with no cards and told him to bluff. Now, Sulu's a good man, but he's no captain.
James T. Kirk: For the next two hours, he is. And enough with the metaphors, all right? That's an order.

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