Parenthood (1989)

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Continuity mistake: At her mom's house, after Julie pulls Tod's helmet out of her bag, in the front shot she holds it up on the right side of its 'open face', but next back shot she holds it on its opposite side. (01:23:00)

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Continuity mistake: During the power outage at Helen's house, Kevin shouts, "Mom! Dad! What happened?" as he stands behind his chair, but next shot, he is just now getting up from his seat, as his mom nears. (00:22:15)

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Continuity mistake: After Todd wrecks in the drag race, Gary is running to the car and his hat falls off, but when he gets to the car, he has it on his head.


Continuity mistake: When Susan (the teacher) begins class she writes the word "bonus" on the board. When her husband comes in and starts singing, the handwriting changes in following shots.


Factual error: When Julie and Tod pick up the photographs from the photo booth, there is a Publix Market in the lot behind them. There has never been a Publix in Missouri. The film was shot on location in the Orlando/Kissimmee area. (01:54:20)

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Continuity mistake: During Gil and Karen's discussion regarding the upcoming meeting with the principal, when Gil says, "Y'know that really pisses me off. The kid's a little differentÂ…" things on the closet shelf noticeably change between shots. (00:09:30)

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Continuity mistake: At her mom's house, when Julie confronts Tod about racing, she holds the bag's top handle in her left hand as she pulls the helmet out of her bag. In the next front shot she has the base of the large bag in her left hand. (01:22:50)

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Continuity mistake: From the moment Helen walks into Julie's bedroom, while Tod hides under the bed, to when he gets the camera, things in room repeatedly change between shots; for example, the blue and white blankets. (00:11:10)

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Continuity mistake: When Kevin sings the delightful diarrhea song in the van, Taylor holds the burger in her left hand, as she chews on the hoodie string held in her right hand. Next shot, she eats the burger held in her right hand. (00:05:50)

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Continuity mistake: On the drive home from the baseball game, as Kevin sings the diarrhea song, Karen wears the seatbelt, then does not as it pans from the back to front seat, and does again in the next close-up. (00:05:45)

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Continuity mistake: When Kevin finds out that Cowboy Dan is not coming, in the shot from the front his hat's chin string is behind his shoulders, but in shots from behind, the string is under Kevin's chin. (00:58:50)

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Other mistake: When Tod has almost finished speaking to Helen after he's told her about his conversation with Gary, her hands are resting on the cooker ring. She had just been frying chicken so these rings should be scalding hot and she wouldn't have been able to rest her hands on them.


Continuity mistake: When Tod has spoken to Gary and tells Helen he is "one messed up little dude", she sighs and her shoulders slump but the very next shot has her hands on the counter edges and she's staring straight ahead.


Continuity mistake: When Taylor is in the play she shakes her hat down, but in the next shot her hat is back on her head.


Visible crew/equipment: During the shot of Gill's crashed minivan, as the camera pulls out to frame Gill and his wife, you can see the moving camera and crew in the reflection of the broken headlight.

Marilyn Buckman: Cool is adorable. Adorable! Why didn't you write us when you had a son?
Larry Buckman: I didn't know myself until a couple of months ago. You see, a few years ago, I was living in Vegas with this girl. Showgirl. She was in that show 'Elvis On Ice'. Anyhow, we drifted apart, as people do in these complicated times, and then a couple of months ago, she shows up with Cool and tells me "You watch him. I shot someone. I have to leave the country " That's a parent?

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Trivia: Director Ron Howard's real-life daughter, Bryce Dallas, is the redhead girl in the audience during the play.

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Question: Since Helen is one of the 4 adult Buckman children, and had been previously married to Julie and Garry's dad, why is Julie's last name also Buckman? I could see Helen going back to her maiden name, that's not uncommon but it would be unusual to have a teenager (in the late 80's) who had her mother's name rather than her father's. Or was this a plot hole that was created so that they could create the conflict of the photographs scene?

Answer: If a child becomes estranged from their father after their parents have divorced, it's not all that uncommon for the child to take their mother's maiden surname instead of their father's.

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