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Corrected entry: Throughout the fencing scene, Hallie and Annie switch accents. Hallie's wearing the green fencing outfit and speaks with an English accent at certain points, although she was the American girl.

Correction: You must have just been looking at it wrong or hearing it wrong. Sometimes it does sound like it, but they do keep their proper accents.

Corrected entry: If Hallie did in fact fly from Maine to London in the late morning/early afternoon, there is no way she could have gotten home during daylight, much less in time for tea because of the time difference

Correction: It could be the next day.

Corrected entry: When Hallie puts a huge prank in Annie's cabin, they use such supplies that you could not get at a camp, and you wouldn't bring it along with you.


Correction: You could easily get those items at camp, from the kitchen. You could also assume they have a craft's cabin at the camp, where they could have gotten some supplies.

Corrected entry: They go to camp for eight weeks, and when Hallie comes back to England (in Annie's place) she and her mother still have time to go out and go shopping. The English school summer holiday is only six weeks - not enough time.

Correction: It could have been that Annie attended an independent, private school. These type of schools in England always have longer holidays than state schools, especially in the summer (some can be up to 10 weeks long), because they are not state-owned and therefore don't have to comply with government laws on length of holidays.

Corrected entry: Before piercing Annie's ears Hallie sterilises the needle by holding it in a flame. However, as the needle's metal and her fingers are unprotected, the heat should travel up the needle and burn her fingers.

Correction: Actually Hallie only holds the needle over the flame for a few seconds. This would heat the needle and her fingers, but not burn them.

Corrected entry: When Hallie(the tom boy) is cutting Annie's hair, Annie has her hair tucked behind her ear. Hallie then sizes up the shortest piece of her hair then cuts Annie's hair accordingly, but Annie's hair is still behind her ear, so the shortest hair would be in the wrong place.

Correction: She's measuring where the hair lies by her cheek, not the amount of hair, she probably already knows that considering its her hair.

Corrected entry: Marva Jr. does not seem to know Annie nor her name at the beginning of the fencing competition. However, she says Annie's name when Annie beats Hallie.

unkajes Premium member

Correction: Don't you think Marva Jr would learn Annie's name when her friends are calling out "Go Annie" at the beginning? How do you know she doesn't know Annie's name? What do you think she is writing while she's saying "We've got ourselves a challenger" right before they start fencing?

Corrected entry: When Haley is calling Annie from England, she makes a collect call. The operator simply patches Haley to Annie without asking Annie if she will accept the call. I would be very upset if I unwillingly accepted a collect call from Europe.

Correction: The film would be rather boring if it showed each stage the operator has to legally take.

Corrected entry: When Annie and Hallie are teaching each other about their lives in London and Napa, there are two posters hanging on the wall with floor plans of their houses. One is titled "Annie's House" and the other is titled "The James Residence" but their names are Annie James and Hallie Parker. (00:38:00)

Correction: Those posters are both for Annie's house, just labeled differently. The edge of a similar-sized yellow poster is visible during that shot, so Hallie probably had a poster or two, but they weren't really shown during that scene.

Corrected entry: When Annie is going down the dock naked, somebody in the background whistles and says, 'OOh, ooh, Parker,' but Annie's last name is James. Hallie's is Parker.

Correction: She doesn't say, "Oooh, ooh, Parker", she says, "Ooh, ooh, baby."

Corrected entry: In the scene where the dad is reunited with Hallie and Annie at the pool, Annie appears to arrive from right behind her mother, where the previous shot clearly showed that there was no one there. And why doesn't the dad see the girls coming - can't he see beyond the frame lines?

Correction: Nick is only concentrating on Elizabeth. He doesn't seem to notice anything else in his surroundings, like the chair he just tripped over.

Corrected entry: When Nick and Elizabeth are looking through Nick's collection of wine bottles, they come across the wine that they drank at their wedding. She then reads the label and says,"V-G Day, 1945." Well, at the end of World War 2, 1945, it was either V-E Day for victory in Europe or V-J Day for victory in Japan, not V-G Day for what they appear to be saying victory in Germany because the war officially ended in Austria for the European campaign.

Correction: She says V-J Day.

Corrected entry: When Dennis Quaid returns from the camping trip he displays an engagement ring that he says Meredith threw at him. She is not wearing an engagement ring.

Correction: She is wearing an engagement ring. You see it when one of the twins hands her her evian bottle.

Corrected entry: When the girls are in the isolation cabin Annie's light switch is up but the next time you see it it's down. She never turned it off.

Correction: When Hallie turns her light switch down (off), Annie's is up. Then when Annie turns it on, her switch goes down, which makes Hallie's switch go down. Hallie flips her switch up, which turns the light off. Annie flips her switch down, which turns the light on. Hallie flips up, to turn the light off. Annie flips down, to turn it on.

Corrected entry: The girls' mother says that she didn't even wear a wedding gown at her wedding, but in the photograph, she is definitely wearing one.

Correction: Just because she is wearing a white dress doesn't mean it's a wedding gown.

Corrected entry: Throughout the fencing scene, Annie's hair changes positions as to where it falls. Sometimes there's a single strand of it on her back, and other times all of it is falling down her back.

Correction: Presumably people's hair will change position while they are fencing as they are moving around quite a bit.

Corrected entry: When Hallie begins to cut Annie's hair, starting with the bangs, she cuts them about at the eyebrow line. After she's done cutting all of her hair, Annie's bangs are at the middle of her cheek.

Correction: Hallie is holding annie's hair out at an angle so it only appears that way

Corrected entry: When Annie (The English girl) gets to camp, her butler comes with her out of the limo. He takes with him a small little box bag type thing which is supposed to be holding all of Annie's stuff for camp (it's the only bag he took out of the car). Also, the butler at the same time was going over a long list of things that Annie's mom made her take - way more things than that bag could have held.

Correction: You can clearly see the Driver take out 2 or 3 more suitcases from the limo a few minutes after that conversation.

Corrected entry: How in the world did Annie and her friends manage to get three beds up on to the roof of the cabin? They'd have to be either very strong and nine feet tall or use a crane and I doubt the camp allows it.

Correction: They took them apart on the ground and rebuilt them on the roof. This would only require regular strength and a ladder, which the camp would allow.

Corrected entry: Well, when Hallie and Annie take their parents on the Queen Elizabeth II and are recreating the night they met, there is an inner tube above the dinner table reading, "Queen Elizabeth II" and underneath it the year 1986, supposedly the year they met. However when the parents are in Nick's wine cellar and he is showing Elizabeth his collection of his parents wine, he has one from 1983. She asks him what is so special about that wine and he says it's the year we got married! How the heck do you marry someone in 1983 when you haven't met them until 1986?

Correction: What he says was "It's the wine we drank at our wedding". It's perfectly normal to drink wine from years past.

Revealing mistake: When Hallie trashes Annie's cabin and the huge water balloon is about to fall on Annie's head, the camera is at a downward view and Annie clearly steps into the trail of the balloon instead of jumping away. (00:18:05)

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Nick Parker: You two help Meredith.
Meredith Blake: Sure you'll help me. Right over a cliff, you'll help me.
Hallie Parker: Not a bad idea.
Annie James: Yeah, see any cliffs?

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Trivia: As Hal meets Meredith coming out of an elevator in the hotel, she is mumbling "Let's Get Together", which was a song from the original movie.

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