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Corrected entry: In the morning when Annie and her friends wake up in their cabin at camp, after Hallie's gang has trashed the place. Watch the girls as they wake up screaming. One is obviously a blonde-haired boy. This is a girls' camp. The boy who accidentally got stuck at the camp (shown at the beginning of the movie) has dark brown hair, not blonde.

Correction: That's a girl. On the commentary the director says that's her daughter wearing a short blonde wig.

Corrected entry: In the scene in which Hallie is piercing Annie's ears, she puts an apple under her ear to make it easier to get the needle through and to make it less painful for Annie. However, apple juice is highly acidic, and once the lobe was pierced, it would have reacted with the apple, making it extremely painful (moreso even than was demonstrated by their screaming).

Correction: This is a character mistake, and we don't know how painful it felt to them, so their reaction can not be a mistake.


Corrected entry: During the scene right after Elizabeth has just seen Nick and Meredith in the elevator, and is starting to confront the twins, Chessy comes out of her room and tells them to go inside. She doesn't close the door of her own room. So does it just hang open?

Correction: Hotel doors usually are made like fire doors; they don't need to be pulled or pushed shut because they are made heavy enough to swing shut by themselves.

Corrected entry: In the shot where Meredith's air-bed is seen in daylight, having been on the water for a few hours, the lake is flowing at about 5 or 6 knots from left to right, yet she is in plain sight of the camp site. Even more so her air-bed doesn't seem to be moving with the current (thus defying the laws of physics). If she really was left on the air-bed for that long she would be a few miles down stream by the time she woke up.

Correction: There is no current, because this is a lake. As for the laws of physics: when Hallie and Annie pushed Meredith from shore, her momentum carried her a fair distance, which is where she would have remained for the duration of the night, until she woke up.

Corrected entry: In America, when Annie is with her dad pretending to be Hallie we understand that she has been at camp for 8 weeks. But in England when the butler goes into the room where Hallie, her mom and grandfather are eating and he is holding the 911 message from the fax machine her mother says really, Annie, 6 weeks is too long to be at camp. So how long were they at camp? 6 or 8 weeks?

Correction: This is just bad memory on her mother's part, not a movie mistake.

Corrected entry: Before Annie reveals to Chessy that she isn't really Hallie, Chessy starts to say "It's almost as if you were Annie." Chessy has not been around Annie in the past several years, so she should have no idea how Annie acts, what she likes, etc. Elizabeth has obviously not kept Chessy up-to-date on Annie, because at the hotel, Chessy is not sure if Elizabeth remembers her. This shows that they have not kept in touch over the years.

Correction: Chessy does not know how Annie would act. All she knows is that "Hallie" is not acting the way that Hallie normally acts. Since she knows that Hallie and Annie are identical twins, she comes to the conclusion that Hallie may really be Annie.

Corrected entry: After the poker game at camp, when Annie is naked and about to jump into the lake, she has left her locket on. There is plenty of moonlight out, so Hallie could easily notice that Annie has the same locket as her, yet there is no indication of her seeing it.

Correction: Though there is "plenty of moonlight" it hardly constitutes a plot hole, just because Hallie does not take notice of a locket round Annie's neck.

Super Grover Premium member

Corrected entry: Annie and Hallie are saying goodbye, Annie's car shows up and Annie (as Hallie) gives Hallie (as Annie) her ticket and passport. Hallie (as Annie) then asks what time the real Annie leaves and she replies, "Oh not for a couple of hours." Wouldn't Hallie know this, as they were her own return arrangements before she switched places with Annie?

Correction: Hallie and Annie spent a lot of time teaching each other how to be the other one; Hallie was making sure Annie knew. Also, they had to make it sound like they were saying their goodbyes to each other and normally your cabinmates don't know all the details about when you're leaving because it doesn't matter until the last day.

Corrected entry: When Hallie (playing Annie) walks up to her home in England and opens the door, she doesn't turn the handle but just pushes it open.


Correction: So? There are many types of door hardware in England, one of which is handles that don't turn. They don't have a latch, and it's easier to open the door, since you don't have to turn the knob. A smaller bolt is usually installed above it to lock the door when needed.

Corrected entry: In almost all the scenes in London, the cars are driving on the right side of the road. Aren't the cars supposed to be at the left side?

Correction: The only scene I could see that looked like the car was on the right side of the road was when Hallie first arrives at her mother's house. However, the house is obviously on a one-way street, which would give the illusion of driving on the right side of the road.

Corrected entry: Throughout the fencing scene, Hallie and Annie switch accents. Hallie's wearing the green fencing outfit and speaks with an English accent at certain points, although she was the American girl.

Correction: You must have just been looking at it wrong or hearing it wrong. Sometimes it does sound like it, but they do keep their proper accents.

Corrected entry: They go to camp for eight weeks, and when Hallie comes back to England (in Annie's place) she and her mother still have time to go out and go shopping. The English school summer holiday is only six weeks - not enough time.

Correction: It could have been that Annie attended an independent, private school. These type of schools in England always have longer holidays than state schools, especially in the summer (some can be up to 10 weeks long), because they are not state-owned and therefore don't have to comply with government laws on length of holidays.

Corrected entry: Before piercing Annie's ears Hallie sterilises the needle by holding it in a flame. However, as the needle's metal and her fingers are unprotected, the heat should travel up the needle and burn her fingers.

Correction: Actually Hallie only holds the needle over the flame for a few seconds. This would heat the needle and her fingers, but not burn them.

Corrected entry: When Hallie(the tom boy) is cutting Annie's hair, Annie has her hair tucked behind her ear. Hallie then sizes up the shortest piece of her hair then cuts Annie's hair accordingly, but Annie's hair is still behind her ear, so the shortest hair would be in the wrong place.

Correction: She's measuring where the hair lies by her cheek, not the amount of hair, she probably already knows that considering its her hair.

Corrected entry: Marva Jr. does not seem to know Annie nor her name at the beginning of the fencing competition. However, she says Annie's name when Annie beats Hallie.

unkajes Premium member

Correction: Don't you think Marva Jr would learn Annie's name when her friends are calling out "Go Annie" at the beginning? How do you know she doesn't know Annie's name? What do you think she is writing while she's saying "We've got ourselves a challenger" right before they start fencing?

Corrected entry: When Annie and Hallie are teaching each other about their lives in London and Napa, there are two posters hanging on the wall with floor plans of their houses. One is titled "Annie's House" and the other is titled "The James Residence" but their names are Annie James and Hallie Parker. (00:38:00)

Correction: Those posters are both for Annie's house, just labeled differently. The edge of a similar-sized yellow poster is visible during that shot, so Hallie probably had a poster or two, but they weren't really shown during that scene.

Corrected entry: When Dennis Quaid returns from the camping trip he displays an engagement ring that he says Meredith threw at him. She is not wearing an engagement ring.

Correction: She is wearing an engagement ring. You see it when one of the twins hands her her evian bottle.

Corrected entry: When the girls are in the isolation cabin Annie's light switch is up but the next time you see it it's down. She never turned it off.

Correction: When Hallie turns her light switch down (off), Annie's is up. Then when Annie turns it on, her switch goes down, which makes Hallie's switch go down. Hallie flips her switch up, which turns the light off. Annie flips her switch down, which turns the light on. Hallie flips up, to turn the light off. Annie flips down, to turn it on.

Corrected entry: When Hallie begins to cut Annie's hair, starting with the bangs, she cuts them about at the eyebrow line. After she's done cutting all of her hair, Annie's bangs are at the middle of her cheek.

Correction: Hallie is holding annie's hair out at an angle so it only appears that way

Corrected entry: Well, when Hallie and Annie take their parents on the Queen Elizabeth II and are recreating the night they met, there is an inner tube above the dinner table reading, "Queen Elizabeth II" and underneath it the year 1986, supposedly the year they met. However when the parents are in Nick's wine cellar and he is showing Elizabeth his collection of his parents wine, he has one from 1983. She asks him what is so special about that wine and he says it's the year we got married! How the heck do you marry someone in 1983 when you haven't met them until 1986?

Correction: What he says was "It's the wine we drank at our wedding". It's perfectly normal to drink wine from years past.

Revealing mistake: When Hallie trashes Annie's cabin and the huge water balloon is about to fall on Annie's head, the camera is at a downward view and Annie clearly steps into the trail of the balloon instead of jumping away. (00:18:05)

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Trivia: In the scene when Hallie (playing as Annie) and Liz (the mom) are walking to the photo shoot, they're walking across the street. It goes into a freeze frame while playing 'Here Comes The Sun', that was a Beatles song and the Beatles took a picture in those exact poses.

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Question: In the scene where the dad tells Annie, pretending to be Hallie, that he is going to marry Meredith, Hallie yells a bunch of stuff in French. Does anyone know what she was saying?

Answer: I hope that you are joking, Meredith is not the girl for you. But it is possible that I am dreaming that this is so.

Stephen Edmonds 1

Answer: Not really but I think she was saying you're kidding.

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