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Corrected entry: When the girls are playing poker in one of the cabins, Halley lays a deal, then after a while, Annie lays her cards first. Then Halley says, "Very good James, but just not good enough," but when she says, "A royal flush," she says it in an English accent instead of an American one.

Correction: She's just making fun of her.

Corrected entry: If Hallie did in fact fly from Maine to London in the late morning/early afternoon, there is no way she could have gotten home during daylight, much less in time for tea because of the time difference

Correction: It could be the next day.

Correction: Annie tells Hallie that Martin is going to pick her up at the airport tomorrow right before she leaves camp.

Corrected entry: When Annie is going down the dock naked, somebody in the background whistles and says, 'OOh, ooh, Parker,' but Annie's last name is James. Hallie's is Parker.

Correction: She doesn't say, "Oooh, ooh, Parker", she says, "Ooh, ooh, baby."

Corrected entry: Near the beginning, after Hallie and her mom stopped by the store in London to help the bride with her veil, when they are leaving the mother calls for a taxi. The taxi stops, but it is driving on the right side of the road, and in London it would be on the left side of the road.

Correction: They are on Albermarle Street. Albermarle Street is one-way. See

Corrected entry: When the girls and the mother are talking in the hotel room in San Francisco, the girls use their normal accents. But when Annie says, "Mum, Daddy's getting married", Hallie says, "to Cruella De Ville." How could she know about Meridith being evil if she only met her when she was coming out of the lift, as Annie was the one who experienced Meridith's evilness in disguise of Annie.

Correction: Annie and Hallie have been talking on the phone so Annie told her twin all about Meredith. Also, she's probably not going to be Meredith's biggest fan either, as when Meredith and her father marry all chance of their parents getting back together will be gone.

Corrected entry: When Hallie puts a huge prank in Annie's cabin, they use such supplies that you could not get at a camp, and you wouldn't bring it along with you.


Correction: You could easily get those items at camp, from the kitchen. You could also assume they have a craft's cabin at the camp, where they could have gotten some supplies.

Corrected entry: When Haley is calling Annie from England, she makes a collect call. The operator simply patches Haley to Annie without asking Annie if she will accept the call. I would be very upset if I unwillingly accepted a collect call from Europe.

Correction: The film would be rather boring if it showed each stage the operator has to legally take.

Corrected entry: In the scene where the dad is reunited with Hallie and Annie at the pool, Annie appears to arrive from right behind her mother, where the previous shot clearly showed that there was no one there. And why doesn't the dad see the girls coming - can't he see beyond the frame lines?

Correction: Nick is only concentrating on Elizabeth. He doesn't seem to notice anything else in his surroundings, like the chair he just tripped over.

Corrected entry: Throughout the fencing scene, Annie's hair changes positions as to where it falls. Sometimes there's a single strand of it on her back, and other times all of it is falling down her back.

Correction: Presumably people's hair will change position while they are fencing as they are moving around quite a bit.

Corrected entry: When Annie (The English girl) gets to camp, her butler comes with her out of the limo. He takes with him a small little box bag type thing which is supposed to be holding all of Annie's stuff for camp (it's the only bag he took out of the car). Also, the butler at the same time was going over a long list of things that Annie's mom made her take - way more things than that bag could have held.

Correction: You can clearly see the Driver take out 2 or 3 more suitcases from the limo a few minutes after that conversation.

Corrected entry: How in the world did Annie and her friends manage to get three beds up on to the roof of the cabin? They'd have to be either very strong and nine feet tall or use a crane and I doubt the camp allows it.

Correction: They took them apart on the ground and rebuilt them on the roof. This would only require regular strength and a ladder, which the camp would allow.

Corrected entry: After the two girls are finished playing poker in the cabin and Annie lost and had to jump in the lake naked, you can see the outline of the bathing suit she is wearing. (00:18:30)

Correction: Annie jumps into the lake naked when she loses. The item around her neck looks like the outline of swimmers but it is her locket with an 'A' on it. This locket is similar to Hallie's except it has an 'A' instead of a 'H'.

Corrected entry: When Jesse is confronting Annie (pretending to be Hallie) about all her new changes such as "being neat as a pin" and how her "appetite has changed" she says how "it's almost as if you were... Never mind it's impossible" implying that the traits she was displaying were traits Annie had, but how would Jesse know these qualities of Annie if Jesse had never met Annie?

Correction: She didn't imply anything, you just inferred it. She could have said it was like she was a completely different person. Or even it was like you were her twin. But that's "impossible" since she doesn't know Annie.

Correction: Chessy HAS met Annie. When Nick asks her why she's looking at Hallie (Annie) that way, she covers by saying that she's looking at her the exact same way that she has been since she was brought home from the hospital. When she says that's impossible, she is referring to the fact that Hallie knows about Annie.

Corrected entry: When Nick and Elizabeth are looking through Nick's collection of wine bottles, they come across the wine that they drank at their wedding. She then reads the label and says,"V-G Day, 1945." Well, at the end of World War 2, 1945, it was either V-E Day for victory in Europe or V-J Day for victory in Japan, not V-G Day for what they appear to be saying victory in Germany because the war officially ended in Austria for the European campaign.

Correction: She says V-J Day.

Correction: Nick shows Elizabeth the VJ 1945 bottle of wine BEFORE he shows her the bottle from their wedding; that label reads, "Where Dreams Have No End." The wine from their wedding was the last wine bottle he shows her before they're interrupted.

Corrected entry: The girls' mother says that she didn't even wear a wedding gown at her wedding, but in the photograph, she is definitely wearing one.

Correction: Just because she is wearing a white dress doesn't mean it's a wedding gown.

Corrected entry: In the scene where Hallie has just cut Annie's hair and notices that she has pierced ears, you can see that it's Hallie who says "What?," not Annie.

Correction: No, Annie is the one who says "What?" but her mouth hardly moves. Hallie seems to be grimacing at the moment Annie says "What?"

Corrected entry: When Nick is showing Liz his vintage wine collection, he shows her a bottle and calls it a "Burgundy." By naming conventions in the Burgundy region of France, only low-quality pinot noir is simply called "Burgundy." A fine pinot noir from that region would be called "Grand Cru." Someone like Nick, who owns a winery, would know that.

Correction: It's vintage wine, which only means it must be old, not necessarily of superior make. A sufficiently old and rare wine would be valuable and therefore worth saving regardless of quality.

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Corrected entry: When Hallie and Annie are playing their game of poker, you can see that Annie has a straight flush of the ace, two, three, four, and five of diamonds. When Hallie says she has a Royal Flush, you could expect the ten, jack, queen, king, and ace of one suit in her hand. When she shows her cards, however, we can see no ten in her hand, yet the order of her cards from left to right are: King of Spades, Queen of Spades, Queen of spades, Queen of Spades, and the Ace of Spades. Hallie must have been cheating, or it would have been a trick deck. Yet even then, Annie, as a pro poker player must have noticed the flaw in the hand.


Correction: Just not true. Hallie's hand is a correct Royal Flush.

Corrected entry: When Annie and Hallie show each other the ripped pictures in the isolation cabin, a chunk in the right hand corner seems to be missing. When they reassemble the pieces on the wall, the picture appears to fit together perfectly.

Correction: The way she's gripping the photo bends it so it looks like there is a chunk missing, but it's whole.

Corrected entry: In the morning when Annie and her friends wake up in their cabin at camp, after Hallie's gang has trashed the place. Watch the girls as they wake up screaming. One is obviously a blonde-haired boy. This is a girls' camp. The boy who accidentally got stuck at the camp (shown at the beginning of the movie) has dark brown hair, not blonde.

Correction: That's a girl. On the commentary the director says that's her daughter wearing a short blonde wig.

Revealing mistake: When Hallie trashes Annie's cabin and the huge water balloon is about to fall on Annie's head, the camera is at a downward view and Annie clearly steps into the trail of the balloon instead of jumping away. (00:18:05)

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Trivia: In the scene when Hallie (playing as Annie) and Liz (the mom) are walking to the photo shoot, they're walking across the street. It goes into a freeze frame while playing 'Here Comes The Sun', that was a Beatles song and the Beatles took a picture in those exact poses.

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Question: When Hallie and her mom are on the way to the studio, they are showing crossing the street. On the road behind them, the white lines are zigzagged at the beginning. Why are they like this?

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