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Continuity mistake: The guys are getting their guns ready for the heist. In this scene they pull out of the drive way in a Cadillac Escalade - as they pull out the Cadillac's driver side mirror is folded in, the camera cuts to a different angle and the mirror is suddenly in its regular position.



Continuity mistake: In scenes where Parker is driving around in the Bentley convertible the colour of the interior door trim changes from light to dark, then back again. This is even present between shots within the same scene. I guess they couldn't hire the same Bentley throughout shooting.

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Continuity mistake: The Sheriff and Leslie have an exchange in a coffee shop. As she walks past him, he says "How's the ex? You hear from him?" While saying this, his head turns to his right as he watches her go by and he is level. The shot changes to a closer one at a side angle and suddenly he is looking down at his plate.


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