Factual error: At the fair, one of the guys sets some hay on fire and the fire goes to a cage of propane tanks. They begin to explode. The explosions are way too small for full propane tanks. You can tell they are supposed to be full as several shots show the red caps on the valves are faintly visible. The red caps are kept on ones that are full and unused. (00:12:40)

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Factual error: The cop is wearing a Palm Beach County Sheriffs Dept deputies uniform with a city of West Palm Beach police officers badge instead of the correct sheriffs star. (00:42:45)

Factual error: When Parker awakens in the hospital his roommate informs him he is in Covington, KY. The Ohio State Fair is in the capitol of Columbus which is also the home of the excellent Ohio State University Medical Center. The tomato farmer that finds him by the roadside would NOT likely have driven the 110 miles to Covington for any reason.


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