Audio problem: In the scene after the jewelry heist when they go back to the house, Melander is questioning Leslie as to her connection to Parker. In one shot, you can hear the sound of him grabbing her and her making a high pitched whimper, yet he is not touching her and her lips are not moving. Also, Melander says "Check the house, every inch" and "C'mon, don't you want to hit me now" at the same time.


Audio problem: After Parker wakes up in the hospital after being shot, he subdues an orderly while an old man using a voice box watches. The old man begs Parker not to hurt him. As he is saying "Please don't hurt me. Please" the camera is from behind him to the side at an angle. His jaw is not moving in the shot even though we hear him talking. He may be using the voice box thing, but as shown in other shots, he still has to move his mouth and jaw to speak. (00:22:55)

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Audio problem: When J-Lo's iPhone rings, she "answers" the phone and it clicks, but any iPhone user will know that the *click* sound comes from when the iPhone's screen is unlocked, not when it is answered. (01:12:40)

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