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Corrected entry: Pi should've grown a beard. He was in the boat for days with no shaving utensils.


Correction: I'm older than Pi was supposed to be, and my hair is much thicker. I can go over a week between shaves with only a minimum of visible stubble.

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Corrected entry: In one part of the lifeboat scene, Richard Parker tries to attack Pi but slides down the tarp. Tiger claws are sharp enough to cut through a canvas tarp and even if Richard has no claws, his weight can tear the tarp.


Correction: Tigers (like all members of the cat family except Cheetahs) have retractable claws (which is why their tracks don't show claw marks unlike dogs) which is how he slide down without tearing anything, and there's no reason to think his weight would tear the tarp.


Corrected entry: After the tiger drags the zebra under the tarp, there is an overhead shot of the lifeboat. There is no blood or any other evidence of an animal kill.

Correction: There was no blood because the zebra hadn't been mauled; the tiger killed the zebra by clamping its jaws around the zebra's throat, cutting off its airway.

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Corrected entry: After Pi's father has found him in the back room of the zoo, he feeds a goat to the tiger. The goat is tied on one side (a) with vertical bars which are are about the size of someone's arm in separation distance. When the tiger comes in (side b) he manages to somehow grab the goat and drag him through the bars and away in one piece.

Correction: The goat is in one piece, but it certainly has several broken bones. So long as the skull fits between the bars, there's no reason the tiger couldn't have dragged it through without spilling a drop of blood.

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Corrected entry: At one point in the film the family is eating dinner and Pi's father complimented his wife for the lamb dish she served. Then later, on the boat, the family refuse to eat meat because they are vegetarian.

Correction: The father eats meat, but the others don't. Thats why after complimenting the lamb, he says "You're all missing out". Further, onboard the ship, Pi's mother says "My sons and I are vegetarians" when served by the French chef.

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