Life of Pi

Life of Pi (2012)

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Continuity mistake: After Pi Patel first meets Anandi in the dance class, he is shown looking at her in the market place. There is a little girl sitting next to the flower seller. She doesn't have any flowers in her hair in the first shot, when the shot changes to Pi and then shows Anandi the little girl now has a flower in her hair . (00:27:55)

Factual error: On the isolated island, the meerkats stood up and see Richard Parker and then Richard happily eats some of them while the others watch. Meerkats would run away when they sense, hear or see a nearby predator.


Continuity mistake: When the camera shows the underside of Pi's makeshift raft, the lifeboat mysteriously disappears, yet when the camera reaches the surface, the lifeboat is visible.


Other mistake: In one part of the lifeboat scene, Pi crawls under the tarp to get some supplies, yet he never sees Richard Parker under it.


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