Zero Dark Thirty

Factual error: When the agent searches for Abu Ahmed in Peshawar, Pakistan, in one scene he gets out of his car, and a shop named Bhatia sons appear in the background, a company based in Delhi, India. In the next scene he is walking down a market, where a sign board of Jaggi sweets, (existing in Punjab, India) is seen, with words written in Hindi (only to be found in India).

Factual error: When agents are searching for Abu Ahmad al Kuwaiti in Peshawar and get blocked by two Pakistani men, the agent that gets out of the car to speak with them starts speaking in Lebanese dialect. In Pakistan they do not speak Arabic, and even if the two Pakistani bikers happened to speak Arabic, it would have been literary Arabic, which is totally different from the Lebanese dialect. (01:22:10)

Factual error: Jessica and Jason are at a bar in 2009 and "Need You Now" by Lady Antebellum is playing in the background. This song did not come out until 2010.

Factual error: When Maya and team first enter the hangar at Area 51 to see the helicopters, mechanics are working on them with socket wrenches. However, when they use the socket wrenches, they turn them one way to make the ratchet sound, then lift the wrenches up off the bolts to put them back in their original position, and do it again. In fact, the way they are holding the wrenches with both hands indicates there might be no bolt there at all. In other words, they are doing absolutely nothing...just making a ratchet noise.

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