Zero Dark Thirty

Corrected entry: CIA agent Dan proposes finding a phone number of a terrorist's mother to a CIA higher up and is granted permission to pursue this lead. During that scene he is clean shaven (back in Washington DC). When he arrives in Kuwait to buy the information he is shown at a night club with a full beard. Did he actually wait several months to pursue this lead? (01:11:05)


Correction: Facial hair growth rates are different from person to person. The amount of beard he has is not an accurate depiction of time passage. I know a guy who could grow that much or more of a beard in just a week or two. There's no indication just how much time has passed, from him to organize his actions, travel over seas, and stage his lead following which does take time. Nor is it indicated how fast his beard would grow. It could have been just a couple weeks, not months.

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Corrected entry: When Maya is calling Dan in Langley, she is wearing a badge on her waist. The badge shows the side with her picture. The next time the badge is visible, it is turned the other way, showing the side with a magnetic strip. (01:09:10)


Correction: That's because at that moment Maya is, out of frustration and anger, she is slamming her hand down on the table in a fit. This shakes her whole body and spun the badge around.

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Corrected entry: Justin is eating an ice cream cone looking at his monkeys with most of it still there, after about 1 second of a shot away from him and back, the entire top of the ice cream was gone without him eating anything.

Correction: That is because, in the film, the monkey actually reaches out and grabs the ice cream from him.

Corrected entry: When the helicopter returns to the base with the body of Bin Laden and Maya comes out of the tent she does not have a necklace, but is wearing one in the next shot.


Correction: This isn't true - if you look closely she is wearing the necklace when she comes out of the tent.

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