Overboard (1987)

Ending / spoiler

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Joanna gets her memory back and takes off on a boat with her real husband and lifestyle,angry that Dean didnt tell her the truth about who she was and what her life was really like before she had gotton amnesia.But after living with Dean for so long while she had her memory loss,she missed him and his children very much and thought about them during the boat ride back.Dean and his sons get a boat and go after Joanna,because he really loved her too(but not at the beginning).Joanna and Dean jump off of their boats and swim to eachother to hug and kiss.Joanna leaves her real husband and joins Dean on his boat back to his home to live the rest of her life with him and his kids.On the boat they discuss marriage and having children together.They say they would love to have a little girl,since Dean alot of sons.


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