Overboard (1987)

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Corrected entry: As part of Dean's bogus backstory about "Annie," he tells her she is from Idaho. Later, when she tells Dean that something is familiar about Billy, he says that Billy was her high school boyfriend. So he would have her believe that she and her high school boyfriend now live in the same town a few hundred miles from where they grew up, and that she married his friend?

Correction: It is made very clear during the movie that Dean is making up details from "Annie's" past as he goes along. He's counting on her just accepting what he says. This is a character mistake, and given the circumstances a reasonable one.

Jason Hoffman

Corrected entry: After pushing Kurt off the boat, Goldie throws his toolbelt and then his toolbox into the water. Strangely, the heavy toolbox floats.

Correction: The toolbox is made of wood and wood floats. We cannot determine whether or not there were enough tools in the toolbox to cause it to sink.


Corrected entry: At the very end of the film they are shown on board the Coast Guard Cutter sailing into/toward the sunset. Since they are on the West coast they are headed out into the Pacific, not towards home/port.

Correction: The captain stated earlier that they were turning around to go after salmon poachers before Dean jumped off the back of the boat.

Corrected entry: At the beginning when Dean goes to the hospital to pick up, Annie/Joanna, the officer hands him the underwear that she was wearing he said she didn't know what JS meant. Later in the movie she had found the same underwear in his truck and had acted as though she had never seen them before in her life. Granted, she didn't know what the JS stood for, but she had seen them before.

Correction: Well, considering the fact that she has amnesia, it is probable that she doesn't know that she had seen them before.

Corrected entry: When Grant comes to pick up Annie/Joanna at her house in Elk Cove, she gets into the limo first, followed by Grant. In the next scene (when the boys rush the limo) she and Grant are seated in the opposite order.

Correction: Anyone who has ever taken a ride in a limo will know that there is plenty of room to move about in the back, and that switching places hardly takes more than a second.


Corrected entry: Soon after Annie/Joanna moves in with Dean, she defrosts the freezer with a blow dryer. The dryer she uses is a Solano, used by professional hairstylists, and it seems unlikely she would find this $125+ model in such a house!

Correction: Might have been a gift, they could have stolen it or bought it from a fence, might have borrowed it and never returned it, got it in a pawn shop . any one of a dozen explanations.

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