Factual error: Whenever the fire extinguisher is activated for a jet engine, that engine becomes inoperable. In the movie, the co-pilot first activates the extinguisher for the left engine, and 30 seconds later, for the right engine. At that point, both engines should be shut down. However, the engines are still operating (and revving up) and Whitaker even asks Margaret to apply full power, which is also audible. (00:23:00)


Factual error: When flight 227 departs Orlando, the thrust increases for 3 minutes. It should have increased for 30 seconds.


Factual error: During the emergency, Whip instructs Ken to dump fuel, and fuel is seen spraying out of the nozzle on the wing. MD-80 family aircraft are not equipped with fuel dump capabilities.


Factual error: During the pre-flight scene, in the exterior shot panning from the control tower down to the aircraft parked at the gate, the sign on the jetway indicates gate A27, when there is in fact no such gate at Orlando International Airport.


Factual error: When Denzel checks his iphone, the lock screen shows a date of October 20 and the time is 1:17. After unlocking the screen, the calendar icon on the phone shows the 8th as the date, and the time as 8:52. The battery remaining also changes.

Factual error: During both the takeoff and (crash) landing sequences, the altimeter is shown close to an altitude of zero. An aircraft altimeter is always set so that "0" represents sea level, not the local ground level.

Factual error: When Whip finishes his walk-around, he meets his First Officer and asks: "have we met before?" or something like that. In the real life, you meet your crew in the crew room, give them a thorough briefing, so when you go to an airplane, you already know the people you're going to work with. That's the place you introduce yourself, not the flight deck. It's impossible to meet your FO on the flight deck, without having met him first in the briefing room.

Factual error: When the plane's altitude decreases from 28,000 to 27,000 ft on the altimeter, the digits to the right of the 8/7 do not change.


Character mistake: When Whip is in the hospital, standing straight in front of the camera is a ridiculous nurse; she takes down the empty IV bag and pulls the bag away from the IV line, she drops the bag on the floor, a big no-no, but try as she might she can't seem to get the spike to go into the new bag. While she's doing all this, she's waving that sterile spike everywhere, touching everything she can, including herself, and picking up germs that will go straight into Whip's IV line, and into his body, when, finally she gets that infected spike into the infected new bag.

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Harling Mays: Oh, I almost forgot. I got you some stroke mags. I've been in the hospital before, I know what you need. I got Juggs, Hot MILFs in Heat, AssMasters. You just stroke it all day, you're a hero.

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Trivia: Nicole's car bears Georgia license plate CHN 320. This is the same plate number used on the General Lee in "the Dukes of Hazzard".

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Question: Can inverting a plane completely upside down and then turning it 180 degrees truly keep it from going down in a sharp nosedive and "gliding" to safety? Seems rather far-fetched but made for a very interesting exciting movie focal point.

Tricia Webster Premium member

Chosen answer: Popular mechanics wrote an article covering this. In short, inverting a passenger jet is certainly doable, but the specific chain of events seen in the film are more of a stretch. Possible, but...challenging, to say the least!

Jon Sandys Premium member
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