One Crazy Summer

Continuity mistake: When the heroes dedicate their boat, Demi Moore's character knocks a hole in the side of the boat. In subsequent shots, the hole looks like it's been partially repaired.

Continuity mistake: When Hoops is talking to Demi Moore's character on the beach and he draws her a picture of a gorilla, you can see the page is already drawn on before the animation scene takes place.

Continuity mistake: The horns on John Cusack's Viking helmet alternate between the front and back of the helmet in different shots - apparently, he had it on backwards for a while.

Continuity mistake: When Hoops is drawing a picture for Cassandra on the beach, he is standing facing the boat he is drawing on. When he helps Cassandra off the boat, he turns around. They talk briefly and as Cassandra is walking away, Hoops is unable to move cause he has sunk into the sand. He wasn't standing facing away from the boat long enough to sink that far into the sand.


Factual error: When Ack Ack is collecting shells on the beach for his father, he's really collecting shell casings... which should be where the guns are fired, not where the explosions are.

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