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An Officer and a Gentleman (1982)

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Corrected entry: When Gere is doing press ups in the mud, the GI takes his hat off and gets down to talk to him, close up. The GI already has mud on his elbow from where it had been shot before.


Correction: You're assuming he hasn't been in the mud before that, taunting Mayo. He's been riding Mayo all day and forcing him to exercise constantly. It's not hard to believe at some point prior he'd have gotten down on the ground next to him.

Corrected entry: This is just plain weird. I have seen the movie at least 10 times. At the very end Gere walks up behind Debra Winger. She takes out her ear plugs and her hands are in camera view all the time. She reaches up to his mouth and it appears that she pops the ear plugs into his mouth and then kisses him. Call me crazy but look for yourself.


Correction: It does look like it doesn't it!? But, her ear plugs are on a cord, she just leaves them hanging around her neck. She lets them trail out of her hands, which does make it look like she grabbed them.

Grumpy Scot

Then what does she put in his mouth?

It's definitely an awkward move she does, but it doesn't look like she puts anything in his mouth. She just reaches to touch his cheeks, but then she moves arms around him.


Corrected entry: When Richard does all those sit-ups, you can tell that Richard only does one, but the people who filmed the scene played it one thousand times.

Correction: In Richard Gere's interview, he discusses how young and fit they were. They actually did the push ups! He actually trained for the fight scene as well.

Corrected entry: In the scene where Richard Gere's friend is proposing to his girlfriend, she refuses and he swallows the ring. If you listen to him, as he licks his lips, you can hear the ring scraping against his teeth.

Correction: It's not the sound of the ring scraping his teeth, it's the sound of him licking his lips after he swallows the ring.


Visible crew/equipment: Near the beginning when the new recruits have arrived & are being harangued by the drill sergeant for the first time, in the shot where he walks along the line of recruits towards the camera you can see the camera dolly tracks on the grass. Then when the angle changes to a long shot you can see the marks left in the grass by the tracks.

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Foley: In every class, there's always one joker who thinks that he's smarter than me. In this class, that happens to be you. Isn't it, Mayonnaise?

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Trivia: John Travolta was offered the part of Mayo first but turned it down to get his pilot's license. This is not the first part Travolta gave up and Richard Gere later got: he also gave up the lead in "American Gigolo" (1974). Also, Gere was originally supposed to play Danny in "Grease" (1978).

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