An Officer and a Gentleman

Continuity mistake: Towards the end of the movie, Richard Gere's friend hangs himself in the shower. Notice how many times his friend goes from nude to wearing underwear.

Visible crew/equipment: Near the beginning when the new recruits have arrived & are being harangued by the drill sergeant for the first time, in the shot where he walks along the line of recruits towards the camera you can see the camera dolly tracks on the grass. Then when the angle changes to a long shot you can see the marks left in the grass by the tracks.

Continuity mistake: When Debra Winger is at the payphone at work, her hair is very flat with bangs. After she can't reach Zach, runs out of work, and is talking to her mother, her hair is very full and curly.

Continuity mistake: When Gere removes his dead friend from the shower, take note of how many times the corpse blinks his eyes, and don't tell me it's probably nerves.

Continuity mistake: When Richard Gere is fighting with his drill instructor, red marks on his stomach and back (from being hit) disappear and reappear with each shot.


Continuity mistake: Right before Zach is caught by Sid paying for the buckles and shoes, he is seen reaching into his jacket pocket to pay for them. The camera angle changes and he now has money in his hand.


Continuity mistake: During the graduation sequence, one of the officer candidates salutes the Commanding Officer with his sword. A split second later, we see the officer candidate from behind and the sword is miraculously returned to its scabbard, a motion that anyone who has performed it will tell you takes at least five to ten seconds.

Continuity mistake: In the fight with the local lads from the bar Richard Gere kicks the lad to the floor and then stands over him. His head is on a white line on the road. When Gere walks away, the group rush in to help him and his head is about a foot away from the line.


Revealing mistake: When Foley is in his karate suit in the blip hanger he is choking Daniels, but his hands are very loose around his neck.


Continuity mistake: When Gere is doing press ups in the mud, the GI takes his hat off and gets down to talk to him, close up. The GI already has mud on his elbow from where it had been shot before.

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Suggested correction: You're assuming he hasn't been in the mud before that, taunting Mayo. He's been riding Mayo all day and forcing him to exercise constantly. It's not hard to believe at some point prior he'd have gotten down on the ground next to him.

Jason Hoffman

Character mistake: When the candidates are sworn in, after Foley is thanked, he salutes and does an about face. He then steps off on his right foot. No Marine NCO would do this.

the woodchuck

Topper: Who the hell is that guy?
Perryman: That's your momma and daddy for the next thirteen weeks.

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Trivia: Richard Gere admitted that he really had no interest in doing An Officer and a Gentleman. He only did it because he needed money at the time.

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