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Nurse Betty (2000)

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When George (Kinnear) asks Betty (Zellweger) to appear on 'A Reason to Love', she gets so nervous that she breaks down and realizes that she's been obsessing over a character. George gets angry and leaves. Charlie (Freeman) and Wesley (Rock) both make it to Betty's apartment. They both take Betty and Rosa (Texada) hostage. Roy (Glover) and Ballard (Vince) show up as well, and are also taken hostage. Charlie takes Betty into the bedroom and talks with her. Wesley keeps an eye on the hostages, but they out smart him, when Ballard gets his hands on a gun he hid in an ankle holster. Ballard shoots and kills Wesley. Charlie walks out of the room to find dead Wesley, and shoots at Ballard and Roy. Betty gets Charlie's gun and threatens to shoot him but doesn't. Charlie gets shot while trying to escape. After that, Roy and Rosa get together. George still does the show and Betty takes a vacation.

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Continuity mistake: Chris Rock and Morgan Freeman are outside of Rosa's apartment, looking in the trunk of Betty's car. The cut-out of Dr. David Ravell pops out. Chris Rock throws the cut-out on the ground and stomps on it. Chris Rock has on white tennis shoes. Later, when Chris and Morgan are inside Rosa's apartment, Chris Rock is wearing black tennis shoes when he is with the sheriff, taking his gun and handcuffs.

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Wesley: I'll shoot that bitch like she scratched my car.

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Trivia: The 'stain on our country's history' line as Morgan Freeman used in the scalping scene is the same line as Morgan Freeman used in his role in 'lean on me'.

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