Now and Then

Continuity mistake: During the seance scene, the girls hair often changes position during shots.

Continuity mistake: When the girls steal the Wormers clothes, Roberta has a pile of folded clothes in each hand; one with an orange shirt, the other with a blue shirt. As they run over to show the Wormers that they have their clothes, between shots the piles swap hands. (00:36:50)

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Continuity mistake: After the Jell-O fight, Roberta chases Scott and the other Wormers. Watch their shadows. Between shots they go from being projected to their right, then when it cuts, the shadows project to their left. (00:16:05)

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Continuity mistake: Near the beginning, when Demi Moore and Melanie Griffith are coming into the house of Rita Wilson, Demi Moore and Melanie Griffith are standing on one side of the room and Rita Wilson is standing with Rosie O'Donnell on the other side of the room. If the camera shows Rita Wilson and Rosie O'Donnell from behind, Rosie O'Donnell is standing a little bit behind Rita Wilson, but if the camera shows Rosie O'Donnell and Rita Wilson from the side they are standing in a line.

Visible crew/equipment: When the Wormers are bombing the girls with Jell-O, Roberta pulls Chrissy down and says, "Chrissy. Get down." When they lie down, you can see tape markers on the grass where they are standing, Roberta on yellow and Chrissy on red.

Revealing mistake: When the Wormers are chasing the girls, who have stolen their clothes, as they run out from behind the tractor the boy holding the bucket in front of his private area moves it, revealing a really noticeable modesty patch he's wearing. (00:37:55)

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Visible crew/equipment: There's a reflection of the camera lens in Teeny's room window, as the shot pans upwards, with her white cat sitting on the ledge. (00:56:45)

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Continuity mistake: In the diner, Samantha talks about having a seance. Teeny says "I'm in." Then Roberta says "Me too," whilst stirring her drink with a spoon, and with no straw in sight. In the following wideshot she is now stirring her drink with a straw. (00:19:25)

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Continuity mistake: After dragging Roberta out of the lake, and the girls talk etc., all of the girls clothes are very dry despite being completely immersed in the lake seconds before. (00:34:15)

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Deliberate mistake: When Roberta copies the article about her mothers death, the machine obviously copies the page too fast. It copies it immediately, yet in the 1970's copy printers were incredibly slow.

Continuity mistake: In her Grandma's attic, Sam opens a trunk. In the wideshot there is a little box opened, with nothing on the lid. It cuts to a wideshot and there are photos laying on the lid. Then moments later, Sam goes to pick up a large red scrap book. It cuts to a closeup, and she's now holding some newspaper sheets. (01:13:55)

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Continuity mistake: When Teeny, Samantha, and Chrissy save Roberta from the water and they pull her onto the sand, Chrissy punches Roberta. When it shows Roberta moaning, you can clearly see that Roberta has a white towel wrapped around her waist. Then you can see that Chrissy has one too. But when they show a view of them far away they don't have towels.

Audio problem: When the girls paint the garage, the Wormers come along. One wormer says to Chrissy "Maybe it's your armpits, lardbutt," but his mouth says "lardass." (01:09:00)

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Continuity mistake: When Sam's Grandma brings in the tray of lemonades, she picks up two glasses of drink, but in the next shot Teeny, Chrissy and Roberta all have a glass. (01:10:40)

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Revealing mistake: At the dinner table, when Bud knocks the glass of wine over, and the wine spills all over his shirt and trousers, a large red wine stain is already visible on his white shirt, before the glass is even knocked. (00:55:25)

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Continuity mistake: When the girls see crazy Pete for the first time he cycles past the camera. then the camera flashes to the girls and then you see the exact same footage of Crazy Pete going by on his bike.

Teeny: Chrissy, truth or dare?
Chrissy: Truth.
Teeny: Have you ever been french kissed?
Chrissy: Are you kidding? I don't want to get pregnant!
Roberta: You can't get pregnant from french-kissing!
Chrissy: I know that, beetle-brain, but it's common knowledge that if you tongue-kiss a boy, he automatically thinks you'll do the deed with him. They can't help it. They're driven. It's the male curse.

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Trivia: The girl that plays Samantha's little sister is Rumor Willis - the daughter of Demi Moore, who plays Older Samantha.

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Question: During the scene when Roberta is reading the newspaper about her mother's death, the printed article mentions that the truck driver who killed her mom was named Peter. Are we to believe that this is "Crazy Pete"?

Answer: There are two different men named Peter. In the shot of the newspaper while Roberta is reading the article, it states that the driver of the pickup truck was Peter Norris (00:41:35). Then Sam finds the article about 12 year old Jonathan Simms and his mother, Beverly Ann, so we know that "Crazy Pete" is Peter Simms (00:43:00).

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Answer: We are never even told that Crazy Pete is even the old mans real name. It was probably just a random person who killed Roberta's mother.

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