The Ninth Gate

Factual error: In Sintra, when Depp and the girl go to Fargas' house in the morning, they ride the motorbike and turn left. However, from Hotel Central to this house you must turn right, it's the road that climbs to the manors, the other way you'll get to Central Village.

Factual error: Depp descends from the long-journey train (you can see it's the same train) from Toledo in Sintra. However, no long-journey trains stop in this station, just suburban trains: a direct travel Toledo-Sintra is impossible.

Factual error: At the end of the movie, the authentic page falls from atop the bookcase. This page appears to be a doubled sized, stapled page - not possible when it was created.

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Suggested correction: No staples are seen in the "double-sized" page, a type of page that actually DID exist when the book was created. Instead of being held with staples, the pages were sewn in. Multiple pages sewn together are called "signatures."

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