The Amazing Spider-Man

New this month Trivia: Before being cast as Gwen Stacy, Emma Stone had never read the Spider-Man comics.

Trivia: Peter Parker falls through a roof and lands in a wrestling ring, where he gets the idea of using a mask, a homage to the original comic and the first Sam Raimi film, where Peter tests his spider powers by entering a wrestling match.

The Amazing Spider-Man mistake picture

Trivia: Stan Lee makes a cameo appearance as a librarian at Parker's school wearing large headphones, unaware that Spider-Man and the Lizard are battling at the library behind him. (01:37:25)

Trivia: Reportedly, there were some deleted scenes removed from the final film that would have fleshed out Peter's backstory even more. (Hence the early trailers featuring footage not found in the final film and suggesting it would further elaborate on his past) Rumor has it that these scenes were removed for two reasons- 1) To allow these plot elements to be explored in a sequel and 2) to make the film tonally more similar to the 2002 "Spider-Man" film for distribution and familiarity purposes, due to that film's success and warm reception.

Trivia: Reportedly, early in production at least one producer pushed for the film to be lower-budgeted and focused almost exclusively on the Peter/Gwen romance in order to capitalize on the popularity of young-adult romance films like "Twilight." This idea was (thankfully) dropped.

Trivia: The carjacker humiliated by Spider-Man is played by Michael Papajohn, who interestingly also appeared as the carjacker who killed Uncle Ben in the 2002 Sam Raimi "Spider-Man."

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