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Corrected entry: In the final scene/fight against the lizard, Captain Stacey shoots off the Lizard's fingers after they are frozen by liquid nitrogen. When the Lizard regenerates these fingers on his right hand he only regenerates four fingers not five, but if you view his other hand it regenerates a full five fingers as normal. Aside from the fact that most reptiles have five toes anyhow, so why would he regenerate only four and only on one hand?

Correction: This is not just the final scene. During the entire film, the Lizard only has 4 fingers on his right hand and 5 fingers on his left. It was just a style choice of the film makers. The right arm/hand is the one Connors regrew, and on the bridge, as he fully transforms, you see his hand only has 4 fingers now. Even when you buy The Amazing Spider-Man Lizard gloves, the right glove only has 4 fingers.


Corrected entry: The Lizard finds Peter's camera in the sewer with his name on it but no address or anything. Yet he knows where to find him later for their fight in Midtown High. (00:42:00)


Correction: It's not hard to find someone's address. And Dr. Conner was friends and partners with Peter's parents, and knows Peter's aunt and uncle.

Quantom X

Correction: Kurt worked with Peter and Peter's girlfriend interns with him. It's hardly shocking that he might know where he lives and what school he attends.

Corrected entry: Peter Parker is able to sidearm throw a football from a seated position several dozen yards away at a field goal post so hard that it bends one of the uprights. Several of his schoolmates witness this, yet none of them act like this is a strange occurrence. They just carry on as if that sort of thing happens every day.


Correction: Actually, everyone on the field stares slack-jawed as they look to each other for confirmation that they just saw what they think they saw, some vocally exclaiming in disbelief. The film just doesn't dwell on any of this.


Corrected entry: When Peter leaves Oscorp tower after the spider bite, he has his skateboard in his arms, after not having it in the entire previous sequence.

Correction: It was most likely confiscated off him by security when he entered the building. They wouldn't want anyone to be riding around inside the building.


Corrected entry: When Peter has dinner at Gwen's place, before they leave to take some fresh air, Peter is not wearing his jacket, but outside it's suddenly on.

Correction: The camera does not follow Peter in one continuous take from the table to the rooftop patio; we didn't see him walk all the way there either, but we can assume he did. He grabs his jacket off camera at some point in between when we see him get up from the table and when we next see him step through the door outside.


Corrected entry: Dennis Leary issues a warrant for the arrest of Spider Man. Only a judge can issue warrants for arrest.

Correction: A judge officially issues the warrant, but Captain Stacy instigated the process and therefore can be reasonably said to have played a part in issuing it. They could have shown the whole process of him going to the judge and so forth, but it would be a waste of valuable screen time.


Corrected entry: When Peter goes to Gwen Stacy's house for dinner, he enters the apartment through the window with his backpack. He leaves the apartment when he hears sirens in the distance by jumping off the roof of the building, and he doesn't take his backpack. However, the next time you see him he is on the bridge, and somehow has his backpack again.

Correction: We saw him jumping from the roof, but not where he landed. He could easily have made a quick stop at Gwen's room, grabbed his backpack and continued to the bridge.

Anastasios Anastasatos

Corrected entry: In the beginning, where Peter is discovering his powers, he is riding a train. He puts his right hand on a woman's shoulder, and her shirt gets stuck to his hand. In the next scene Peter is running, and the shirt is now stuck to his other hand.

Simon DK

Correction: It's always in his right hand. When he runs on the street, he's holding his backpack in his left.

Anastasios Anastasatos

Corrected entry: When Gwen looks up to see if Peter is at her dad's funeral it's raining. But she doesn't get wet by any of the rain.


Correction: In this scene, she looks up and you can see raindrops in her hair where there are slightly darker colored spots. She doesn't get any on her face, but when it's raining and you are still you really don't get hit as often. Plus they slowed it down so she only looked up for two seconds.

Corrected entry: After all the cops get infected by the lizard they get larger. When cured their uniforms should be torn, but they're fine.


Correction: They do not appear to begin growing by the time they are cured. They merely have started to develop lizard-like features (fangs/scales/etc). But none of them seem to have begun growing yet.

Corrected entry: When Spidey saves the kid on the bridge the kid has the mask on, but when they come up now Spidey has it.


Correction: The scene cuts from Spider-Man pulling Jack up to him, but still hanging down from the bridge, (wide shot) to climbing over the railing. Jack was holding the mask when separated and Spider-Man tells him to put the mask on. But once the kid is safe he would put his mask back on to protect his identity and he had plenty of time since it's not a continuous shot.


Continuity mistake: While fighting against Lizard in the lab, Peter's jacket changes randomly from spotless to covered in dust, to partially covered in dust, back and forth.

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Spider-Man: Oh, no! You have found my weakness. Small knives!

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Trivia: Reportedly, there were some deleted scenes removed from the final film that would have fleshed out Peter's backstory even more. (Hence the early trailers featuring footage not found in the final film and suggesting it would further elaborate on his past) Rumor has it that these scenes were removed for two reasons- 1) To allow these plot elements to be explored in a sequel and 2) to make the film tonally more similar to the 2002 "Spider-Man" film for distribution and familiarity purposes, due to that film's success and warm reception.

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Question: When Dr Connor (Lizard Man) is planning to turn everyone in the city into lizards, what are people going to do when they're lizards? Are they still going to continue their lifestyle, still eat human food, and do other hobbies and activities that humans do?


Answer: Connors believes that humans are too weak and flawed, and that if he transforms them all, he'll create a better, smarter and more powerful species. Presumably, given his motivations are to "improve" humanity, he also believes that society itself will also evolve into something "better" (even possibly utopian) once everyone has transformed. As for all the minutiae like what people will eat, hobbies, etc.? I don't think Connors has really thought about that. His obsession is very surface level, and basically starts and ends at "If I turn people into powerful hybrid beings, everything will be better!" Realistically? There'd probably just be a lot of panic and chaos, a lot of people might hurt or kill themselves when they realise they've changed into another species, and society would probably collapse for a while before slowly rebuilding itself over the course of years.


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