Final Destination 5

Trivia: In the scene after Candice dies the guys are at the office having a drink. Watch carefully - when Olivia is leaving she knocks a photo on the floor; this is a photo of her and a friend. Look at the bottom right of that picture and you will see the logo of the roller coaster From Final Destination 3.

Trivia: Roy's racecar in the photos of him on the bar at the end is the same car that causes the crash in FD4 - you can see it in the end credits rerun of prior film scenes.

Trivia: The staff team are going on a work retreat facilitated by 180 Corporate Consulting (as can be seen from the promotional video being played on the coach). Also, the cafe Sam is working in has the name "Le Cafe Miro 81." The last three letter backwards are also a 180. 180 is a recurring number within the Final Destination movies.

Jeff Walker

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