Final Destination 5

Peter, having learned that killing someone destined to live will remove him from death's list, attempts to kill Molly and shoots Agent Block dead before he is killed by Sam. Two weeks later, Sam and Molly board the flight to Paris so Sam can take up his culinary apprenticeship... And at this point it's revealed this film is actually a prequel, and the flight is the same Flight 180 from the first film. Having seen the scuffle that got Alex and company kicked off the plane, Sam realises too late what is about to happen. Molly is killed when she is sucked out of the plane, and Sam dies when the plane explodes. Nathan learns that the co-worker he accidentally killed was about to die from a brain aneurysm anyway, seconds before he is crushed by Flight 180's destroyed engine.

Mark Ivey

Continuity mistake: During the bridge collapse scene, when Olivia is crawling on the beam, she is first seen on the part of the beam that is closer to Sam. Almost instantly afterwards, she is on the part of the them that is closer to Molly. The space between the two beams increases significantly between the two shots as well.

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William Bludworth: Death... doesn't like to be cheated.

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Trivia: In the scene after Candice dies the guys are at the office having a drink. Watch carefully - when Olivia is leaving she knocks a photo on the floor; this is a photo of her and a friend. Look at the bottom right of that picture and you will see the logo of the roller coaster From Final Destination 3.

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