A Nightmare on Elm Street

Audio problem: When Nancy wakes up from her dream at the Dream Clinic, the doctor tries to give her a shot and you hear the nurse say "This will help you sleep", but the nurse's mouth is closed.

Continuity mistake: In her dream Nancy burns herself on a boiler pipe, by her wrist. Yet when outside, examining her burn mark, it is up near her elbow. (00:27:00 - 00:28:10)

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Continuity mistake: When Nancy throws her mother's bottle to the floor she throws it bottom first. When it cuts the bottle lands on its side. With the velocity the bottle was thrown it would have landed bottom first. (00:51:40)


Continuity mistake: When Glenn dies, the blood pours up from his bed. It's seen splashing directly onto the lamp above, though in the next shot after his mother walks in, the lamp has shifted and is completely clean.

Continuity mistake: After Nancy wakes up from her final dream that draws Freddy out, the coffee pot behind her is full of coffee. When Freddy jumps from behind the bed, Nancy runs to a now empty coffee pot and smashes it on Freddy's head.

Continuity mistake: Nancy comes home and there are regular bars on the windows. When she gets to the front door, they change to a heart shaped design. (00:55:55)

Revealing mistake: When Nancy gets pulled under in the bathtub, you can plainly see it's the actress' stunt double. (00:33:20)

Continuity mistake: In the prison cell, just before Rod falls to the floor because notices the sheet wrapping around his neck, between shots the way the sheet is wrapped around his neck changes. (00:42:45)

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Continuity mistake: Nancy and Glen are talking on a bridge and Nancy is holding a book. Glen then takes it from her and reads it's title aloud, and in a closeup he is holding the book closed. But as the shot changes Glen is holding the book so that it is open. (00:53:05)

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Continuity mistake: After her mother leaves, Nancy rests in the bathtub, putting a cloth on her face and leaving her left hand by her left ear. In the following shot her left hand is in the middle of the tub. (00:32:55)

Continuity mistake: When Nancy tackles Freddy on her bed, the alarm clock on her bedside table is away from the edge of the desk. Yet in the shot when Freddy and Nancy roll off the side of the bed, the alarm clock on the bedside table has noticeably moved right to the edge so that Nancy can grab it as she falls. (00:40:05)

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Revealing mistake: During Tina's death scene before she is lifted into the air, you can see the wire attached to the right side of her waist. (00:17:25)

Revealing mistake: When Nancy runs downstairs and cracks the small door window open with the umbrella, you can see the window is precracked to make it easier to smash. (01:18:35)

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Audio problem: When the police pull up and run over to arrest Rod, he says "I'm cool, I'm cool!" His mouth doesn't move when this is said. (00:21:45)

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Visible crew/equipment: In the final scene in Nancy's bedroom, she swings the door open very fast and you can see the camera in the reflection.

Revealing mistake: During Tina's death scene before she is lifted into the air, you can see the wire attached to the right side of her waist. (00:17:25)

Audio problem: When Tina is being attacked by Freddy Krueger just as she is trying to open the door to her house, she yells, "Nancy. Open the door. Nancy.", but her lips do not match with what she is saying. (00:16:50)

Continuity mistake: Eventually Nancy goes to sleep in her short-sleeved gown. But when she sets the alarm to her wristwatch, she's wearing a long-sleeve sweater. (01:14:40)

Continuity mistake: Nancy rigs a lamp to explode. However, the one she rigged isn't the one that exploded. It's a completely different lamp. (01:12:20 - 01:22:30)

Continuity mistake: When Nancy goes to the police station in her dream, she looks down at Rod through a window as he sleeps in his cell. The first shot shows him sleeping completely on top of the covers but when Freddy enters the cell, Rod is partially covered with a sheet.


Nancy Thompson: I grab the guy in my dream. You see me struggling so you wake me up. We both come out, you whack the fucker and we got him.
Glen Lantz: Are you crazy? Hit him with what?
Nancy Thompson: You're the jock. You have a baseball bat or something.

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Trivia: The actors' reactions when the car roof came up were real - Wes Craven made the roof speed up unexpectedly.

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Question: I just saw this movie for the first time and I have three questions for it. First, is Freddy supposed to be a ghost or something or did he not really die? Second, how was Nancy able to bring his hat back after her dream? Third, what was with the ending and Nancy's mom? Was it a dream or real?

Answer: 1. Freddy is the ghost of a child killer, he is very difficult to be rid of. He did not die at the end of this film. 2. It is possible to bring items and even people in and out of the dream world. Although it is never explained in detail how. 3. It was a dream, but as seen in the film, that's not a good thing.


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