The Nightmare Before Christmas

Jack is shot down by the military while delivering his Halloween Brand of Christmas. He lands in a graveyard in the arms of an angel statue. Once his faithful ghost dog Zero puts him back together, he realizes how horrible a mistake he was making, and comes to terms with himself, actually becoming excited about next Halloween. He then remembers what he needs to do, and goes to free Santa Claus. Meanwhile, Oogie-Boogie has captured both Santa and Sally, intending on playing his deadly, cheating games with them and most likely eating them. He cheats and is about to send them into the lava pool when Jack saves them. Oogie-Boogie tried to kill Jack with the various traps in his lair, but is eventually caught up in his own trap, literally coming apart at the seams.Oogie-Boogie defeated, Santa leaves, STRONGLY suggesting to Jack that the next time he gets the idea to steal someones holiday, to consult Sally first. He also sites her as being the only person that makes SENSE in Halloween Town. Jack and Sally return to Halloween Town, and Santa sets speed records undoing all the damage Jack did. He even gives Halloween Town a Christmas present: Their first snowfall.And at the end, Jack and Sally confess their true feelings of love for each other, embracing in a kiss as Zero happily flies off into the night sky.


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Continuity mistake: When Jack is having his Santa joyride, the army is called in to shoot him down. There is one sweeping shot of the giant cannons rising and firing at him. If you look at the bottom of the screen, you can see two small soldiers as the guns are rising, but as they fire, the soldiers blink out of existence. (00:58:30)

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The Mayor: Jack, I'm only an elected official here, I can't make decisions by myself!

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Trivia: The band Blink-182 made a reference to this movie in their self-titled album. In the song "I Miss You", the lyrics go, "We can live like Jack and Sally if we want...and we'll have Halloween on Christmas"

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Question: Sally tries to prevent Jack from taking over Christmas using Fog Juice. How will fog stop him?

Answer: As seen in the movie, the Fog Juice made it difficult to see anything. Sally had hoped that with no way of seeing where he was going, she would be able to stop him from leaving Halloween Town and save his life.

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