Night of the Living Dead

Corrected entry: Shortly after getting into a farmhouse to escape the pursuing zombie, Barbara looks out windows several times to check on the zombie&146;s location. When she enters the house it is light outside. When she first looks outside we get a shot of the zombie along the side of the house, and it is still light outside. About a minute later, she looks out another window. When we get a shot of the zombie outside, it is now fully dark. When the camera angle changes to show Barbara looking at the window, it is light outside, as is clear from the light on her face coming through the window. Similarly, the sunlight from outside is presumably responsible for the dim lighting in the house, but when Barbara runs outside and first encounters Ben, it is fully dark.

Correction: Debatable. If you remember in the graveyard, Johnny was startled by the sudden flash of lightning and thunder. Its possible that clouds were moving in. As she made it to the farmhouse it already appeared to be getting dark.


Corrected entry: While Ben is fitting the shoes on Barbara, as he says to her "This place is boarded up pretty solid now" you can see a window in the background with an armchair beneath it that has not been boarded up.

Correction: On the Millenium Edition's first DVD commentary track, it is explained that there is a 15 foot drop behind that window, so boarding it up would be pointless. I believe that you can see the window while Barbara is running by the house early on in the film.

Corrected entry: Barbara tries to escape from the zombie that is chasing her by getting into the car, once she is inside the car, she releases the handbrake and turns the steering wheel as the car rolls down the gradient. How was it possible for Barbara to release the steering lock without using the ignition key? The key was in Johnny's pocket.


Correction: In 1967, all cars did not yet come with locking steering columns.

Continuity mistake: At the beginning, Barbara finds a corpse at the top of the farmhouse stairs with its face partially eaten away. Later, when Ben drags the corpse into another room we get a fleeting glimpse of its face and it shows no sign of decay of any sort.

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Newscaster: Reports, incredible as they may seem, are not the results of mass hysteria.
Harry Cooper: "Mass hysteria?" What do they think, we're imagining all this?
Ben: Shut up.

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Trivia: Duane Jones was the first African American to play a lead in a horror film. He also taught at and became the head of the Theatre Department at Old Westbury college in Long Island, New York. He remained there until he unfortunately passed away in 1988.

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