Mystery Science Theatre 3000

Mystery Science Theatre 3000 (1996)

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Mike, Tom Servo and Crow watch the movie This Island Earth and it ends with the two scientists, Cal and Ruth, making it back to Earth with the help of the alien from Metaluna, Exeter. Cal and Ruth leave Exeter's ship before it runs out of fuel in a biplane. Exeter dies of a wound caused by a stowaway alien from Metaluna and the ship crashes in the ocean. After the movie, the evil Dr. Forrester feels confident that Mike's sanity has been crushed after watching this B movie... but Mike is, as always, okay and perfectly sane.


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Visible crew/equipment: In Servo's room, Trace Beaulieu's hand is very visible operating Crow. Watch the bottom of frame when Crow approaches the Interocitor and says "Well, let's see what this baby can do." (00:48:00)

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Mike: Joe, I'm in one of these boxes, find me.

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Trivia: In one scene, you see Crow pick up a chainsaw from Tom's bedroom. You never see him do anything with it after that. This is beacause Grammercy, a small company owned by Paramount, who also put this movie in theaters, took out two scenes. They were the one who told them to put in segments like that to make some kind of a story, but in the end, they took out two or three, completely killing the story they wanted in the first place. Originally, Crow was going to cut through the SoL like he did in one of the first segments.

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Chosen answer: Dubbed.

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