Due Date

Factual error: When Ethan is driving through Texas while Peter is sleeping; the camera shows a Texas Highway traffic marker that reads: "Dallas 36 Miles." In the same camera shot, we see mountainous terrain in the background; followed by additional camera shots that show more mountainous terrain as they travel on the highway before crashing off the overpass. The problem is that there is no mountainous terrain 36 miles outside of Dallas, Texas; it's pretty much flatland.


Factual error: In the scene where Peter & Ethan are traveling across Texas on I-120 the train reads Union Pacific, but Burlington Northern Santa Fe (BNSF) is the one that runs that track.

Factual error: After the truck drives over the drainage ditch and Peter tells Ethan not to tense up, there's a sign pointing to I-75, 8 miles away. At this point they are in Texas. I-75 runs north through Georgia (from Florida to Michigan) and is nowhere near Texas.


Factual error: When we see Ethan's driver's license, the expiry date is wrong. The month and day should be the same as his birthday, not the exam date.


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