Due Date

Corrected entry: While crossing Texas there is a sign for Dallas and in the background there are mountains clearly visible. There are no mountains in Texas.

Correction: Totally incorrect; there is mountainous terrain in the West of Texas, including Guadalupe Peak, 8749 feet above sea level, the Guadalupe, Davis and Santiago ranges of the Rocky Mountains, and the central hill country.


Continuity mistake: Near the end of the movie, Ethan tells Peter that he had his wallet all along. Peter steps forward from the car wearing his glasses. In the very next shot, they are gone and nowhere to be seen. (01:16:30)

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Ethan Tremblay: You ready to apologize?
Peter Highman: What? Fuck You!

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Trivia: When a road worker jumps out of the way when Peter and Ethan drive the Subaru off the bridge, he yells a Wilhelm scream.

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