Paranormal Activity 2

Trivia: Spoilers: An alternate ending in which Katie kills baby Hunter instead of kidnapping him was filmed, but never shown due to it being too bleak. It was also decided that Katie kidnapping the child was far scarier, so the new theatrical ending was shot to take its place.


Trivia: Notably, the previews for this film (and several other sequels in the series) contained footage not seen in the finished movie. The previews were often made primarily of footage from alternate and deleted scenes. The producers and directors hinted that this was done to help keep the story secret, despite being a bit shady on their part.


Trivia: Originally, Kevin Greutert, who edited the first five "Saw" movies and also directed "Saw VI" and "Saw 3D," was attached to direct. However, Lionsgate enacted a contractual clause to remove him from the film. While an exact reason was never given, it has been widely speculated that this was done because the "Paranormal Activity" movies were the only direct competition for the "Saw" series at the box office.


Revealing mistake: At the end when Katie enters Hunter's room and throws Kristi against the camera, Katie's reflection in the wardrobe mirror shows her in a different position from when she attacks Kristi, to after she drops out of view.

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Daniel Rey: We just can't let this affect us that much. If we do that, the terrorists win.

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