Paranormal Activity 2

Corrected entry: On the door of Hunter's room it says his name, but when the father says "his room is untouched" the "r" is missing and the in the next scene it reappears again.


Correction: The "R" on Hunter's door is knocked off because the demon ransacks the house. The family then have cameras set up around the house as well as tidying it up. The "R" was obviously put back on the door because Hunter's room and the rest of the house is tidy again.


Corrected entry: When the demon first ransacks the house and they are walking from room to room the "R" is missing on Hunter's door. But in the next shot of his door the "R" is back on.


Correction: The next time we see Hunter's door is after the cameras are set up, several minutes later, not the following shot. There would be plenty of time for the "R" to have been put back on.


Corrected entry: In the scene where the older sister is locked out of the home, she goes around to the back door of the house and is seen knocking on the back door where the window curtain is "open" part-way so we see that it is her. However, when the parents arrive home, the window curtain is "closed" fully.

Correction: The ghost is very active during this time, closing doors, taking the baby out of the crib, isn't possible it closed the curtain?

Corrected entry: In the first scene where the pots and pans hanging from the rack start to swing back and forth and eventually fall, in one of the shots there is suddenly a red pot hanging from the rack that was never there before, no more than a few minutes later when the camera goes back to the rack the red pot has mysteriously disappeared. Same in Hunter's bedroom only this time it is a teddy bear that was sitting by his door while he was being lifted out of his crib that suddenly disappears in the next shot.

Correction: This is in fact two mistakes in one entry, which breaks one of the site's rules. Please submit them individually.


Corrected entry: The clock from the camera says 12:49 AM. That time only exists in the 24hour time system. It must be 0:49 AM.

Correction: Wrong. 0:49 = 12:49 AM. 24-hour clocks go from 0-23 o'clock, and do not need AM/PM to distinguish which half of the day it is, like 12-hour clocks.


Corrected entry: One of the earlier scenes in the movie, Dan made an reference to "Clash of the Titans" when he says, "Unleash the Kraken". Titans was released four years following the time this movie takes place.

Correction: The original "Clash of the Titans" came out in 1981, 25 years before this movie takes place. The same quote was also used in "Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest", which came out earlier in the same summer where this movie takes place.


Revealing mistake: At the end when Katie enters Hunter's room and throws Kristi against the camera, Katie's reflection in the wardrobe mirror shows her in a different position from when she attacks Kristi, to after she drops out of view.

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Daniel Rey: We just can't let this affect us that much. If we do that, the terrorists win.

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Trivia: Originally, Kevin Greutert, who edited the first five "Saw" movies and also directed "Saw VI" and "Saw 3D," was attached to direct. However, Lionsgate enacted a contractual clause to remove him from the film. While an exact reason was never given, it has been widely speculated that this was done because the "Paranormal Activity" movies were the only direct competition for the "Saw" series at the box office.

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