The Mummy Returns

Corrected entry: This story takes place in 1933. However, during the sequence of events in Rick's home, they are attacked by people trying to retrieve the scorpion bracelet. One of the villians begins shooting at Rick and his brother-in-law with a Sten submachine gun. This firearm wasn't invented for another 10 years, until after the outbreak of WWII, in 1943.

Correction: Close examination of the weapon in question shows that it has 1) A full-length ventilated handguard around the barrel in front of the action; 2) A wooden shoulder stock. NEITHER of these features was present on the early model STEN. These features WERE present on the German MP-18, MP28-II, and the MP-34. The MP18 used the Luger 'Snail Drum' magazine exclusively, while the weapon in the film has a standard straight box magazine. The most likely weapon, given the time frame, is an MP-28-II. Although there may have been prototype MP-34s in existence in 1933, they would not have been available outside Germany. The MP-28-II was made in a variety of calibers for the export market as well, making it historically correct in the context of the film.

Corrected entry: As soon as Rick and Evelyn get home in London, they begin talking about going back to Egypt to look for the Oasis. Evelyn says the last known expedition to find the Oasis was sent by Ramases IV, but the words are hardly out of her mouth before she begins listing famous historical generals (Napoleon, Alexander the Great, Caesar) who sent expeditions. You even see Roman standards and Centurion corpses later on in the movie.

Correction: This is an "answer's in the question" mistake - she says that the last group to find the oasis was sent by Ramases - Napoleon, etc. sent expeditions, but they never returned.

Corrected entry: The balloon guy says something like "do you know how many cubic metres it takes to fill this thing (the balloon)?" when the metric system didn't come in for another 40 odd years.

Correction: The metric system was developed in France in the late 18th century, in fact during the French Revolution.

Corrected entry: In the original movie the Mummy calls Evie by the name of the lady he was trying to bring back from the dead in the beginning. Yet in this movie you learn that Evie is Nefertiri reincarnated. It is obvious that Imhotep would have know who Nefertiri was so he wouldn't have called Evie by the other name.

Correction: He doesn't think she's Ank-su-namun reincarnated, it's just that she's the first attractive woman he's seen in thousands of years, so she reminds him of his lost love.

Corrected entry: It seems a bit odd that Ardeth Bay at the same time as facing the armies of Anubis personally is seemingly a true muslim referring time and again to Allah in Arabic. Islam being monotheistic it would deny the existance of other deities.

Correction: Allah is merely an Arabic word for God. My family are Arabic Catholics, and the term Allah is used in Church, and in everyday conversation to refer to God. The term Allah as it is referred to in the movie is perfectly correct in it's context, as the guy who uses it is merely referring to his God. The expressions he uses are common to all Arabic religions.

Corrected entry: In the scene, right before Imhotep sends the tidal waves after the heroes, he is walking near the waterfall. But all the water in the stream is moving towards the waterfall, instead of away from it, as it usually would.

Correction: The stream was not created by the waterfall. The stream flows down the canyon past where the waterfall is and the waterfall is pouring into the stream. Therefore it can flow toward the waterfall.

Corrected entry: In the scene where Rick and Evie are grieving the loss of Alex you can see the side of Rick's ammunition belt. The shotgun rounds are filled with a white powder signifying blank ammunition.

Correction: .(Shotgun cartridges from the time were capped off with paper at the end. This is what is seen, not white powder. The end of a shotgun shell must be sealed. How would we see the powder?)

Continuity mistake: In the British Museum, when Rick and Ardeth are saving Evie, Rick gives her a .45 pistol and they start to shoot the guards, her pistol fires once and the slide locks back meaning the pistol had no ammo, but she keeps firing as if the magazine was still full. (00:39:47)

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Rick O'Connell: Knowing my brother in law, he probably deserves whatever you're about to do to him. But this is my house, and I have certain rules about snakes and dismemberment.

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Trivia: In the tomb, Alex knocks over the columns the same way Evie knocked over the bookcases in "The Mummy."

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