The Mummy Returns

Corrected entry: In the scene, right before Imhotep sends the tidal waves after the heroes, he is walking near the waterfall. But all the water in the stream is moving towards the waterfall, instead of away from it, as it usually would.

Correction: The stream was not created by the waterfall. The stream flows down the canyon past where the waterfall is and the waterfall is pouring into the stream. Therefore it can flow toward the waterfall.

Corrected entry: If the horsemen introduced are the leaders of the twelve tribes, why are there only nine of them? (00:58:20)

Correction: I just watched this scene and count 12 leaders, including Ardeth Bey, throughout the scene. The only time when there are only 9 visible is when they are leaving and at that point the dust that the horses kicked up and the terrain are making it impossible to get an accurate count.


Correction: Just because there are twelve tribes doesn't mean there has to be twelve leaders. They might be like a "board of executives" that governs all tribes. Seeing as they are a fictional creation in the movie, you cannot apply any existing tribes for comparison.

Corrected entry: When Alex first puts on the bracelet it shows the Pyramids of Giza and Karnak and that's all, but later he tells Jonathan he saw the pyramid at Ahm Shere (even describing the large diamond on top) but that was never shown from the bracelet, so how did Alex already know?


Correction: When it transitions between the great pyramids and Karnak is shows a jungle, this is where the pyramid at Ahm Shere is at and it's possible he saw it, however briefly.


Corrected entry: The chronology is off. The movie begins in 3067 BC, and continues in 1933 AD. But that's only 3999 years, because you have to subtract a year when you go from BC to AD (to make up for the fact that there was no 'year zero', and so 1BC to 1AD were only one year apart, not two). At most, that's still a year short, and the Scorpion King is arising too early (supposed to ride every 4,000 years).

Correction: However, scholars have questioned how accurate our calendar really is. Many scientists believe that our calendar is approximately 4 years off. I have read evolution reports that place our calendar as far as 15 (usually more like 7) years behind (meaning it would be 2020 instead of 2005) to 2 years ahead (really 2003). So it is possible.

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Corrected entry: When they talk in Egyptian (and they do, and some of it actually makes sense too.) they use the word Selaku for Scorpion. This is fine - Mr Smith who wrote the Egyptian did some work on pronounciation so he is as correct as he can be, but the Egyptians never used the letter L. It should be Seraku.

Correction: Ancient Egyption hasn't been spoken in about 3,000 years, so how does anybody know about what letters/sounds they used?

Corrected entry: When the Medjai face the final onslaught of the Anubis' warriors, they keep their swords in a ready stance, but they don't move them even when the army hits them. That would be a perfect way to fight if they want their heads chopped off, since the swords would have no hitting power if swung from that stance. (01:54:45)

Correction: They WANT to get their heads chopped off. The entire army of Medjai barely fought off the first wave. The survivors give up and crave a quick death.

No, they don't want their heads to be chopped off. They literally say they're going to fight to the death right before. They just picked an odd battle stance. It'd be completely out of character and nonsensical for them to randomly just want to die suddenly out of nowhere.


Corrected entry: In the original movie the Mummy calls Evie by the name of the lady he was trying to bring back from the dead in the beginning. Yet in this movie you learn that Evie is Nefertiri reincarnated. It is obvious that Imhotep would have know who Nefertiri was so he wouldn't have called Evie by the other name.

Correction: He doesn't think she's Ank-su-namun reincarnated, it's just that she's the first attractive woman he's seen in thousands of years, so she reminds him of his lost love.

Continuity mistake: In the British Museum, when Rick and Ardeth are saving Evie, Rick gives her a .45 pistol and they start to shoot the guards, her pistol fires once and the slide locks back meaning the pistol had no ammo, but she keeps firing as if the magazine was still full. (00:39:47)

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Ardeth Bay: By putting this on, you have started a chain reaction that could bring about the next apocalypse.
Rick: [to Ardeth] You, lighten up. [To Alex] You, big trouble. [To Jonathan] You, get in the car.

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Trivia: In the tomb, Alex knocks over the columns the same way Evie knocked over the bookcases in "The Mummy."

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Question: I heard that Max Cavallera from Sepultura provided all the yells and the shouting for the rock. Is this true?

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